Sloppy Hill brings a New Dawn to Grunge Rock

‘Corey Sun’ by Sloppy Hill is helping to usher in a new era for grunge rock. This track is perfect for vetern and newcomer fans alike.

“Corey Sun” might be one of the most interesting examples of modern grunge rock in the music scene today. The new release by Sloppy Hill is a distinctive one, somewhere between modern and retro.

Upon first listen, “Corey Sun” is strongly reminiscent of vintage rock groups like Nirvana. The prominent guitar and unique vocals are both evidence of that.

“Corey Sun” is both modern and retro

However, it is also true that a great deal of modern grunge rock is still situated very distinctly in the 1990s and early 2000s. In a sense, this holds back these rock groups from crafting their own style without the dominating influence of the likes of Kurt Cobain and Pearl Jam.

Video for ‘Corey Sun’ by Sloppy Hill

Indeed, what makes “Corey Sun” an interesting track is Sloppy Hill’s dedication to creating a sound that is distinctly their own. They have managed to combine the legacy of classic grunge rock with a modern sound. They are breathing new life into an iconic genre. Making this track one that will appeal to veteran fans of grunge and newcomers alike.

The instruments flow together seamlessly as the band members highlight each other without anyone hogging the music. This adds a sense of polish to the famously raw energy that grunge rock demands. Long-time listeners of grunge rock will find themselves captivated by this tracks use of the guitar. Novice fans can experience a musical lesson in the history of grunge while developing a new taste for the genre.

Perhaps the most critical element of the song is the sense of catharsis a listener can receive. “Corey Sun” is the perfect song to head-bang to in the car while cranking up the volume. In a post-COVID world, this track will likely find itself playing in clubs and concerns venues across the world.

Sloppy Hill is a band to keep your eye on, and “Corey Sun” is a perfect example of their up-and-coming talent. “Corey Sun” is currently available to listen to and stream.

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