Sonic Rebel Releases “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)”

A mix can make all the difference in the world when it comes to pop music of any subgenre, let alone something as defined by production quality as electronica is, and in “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix),” Sonic Rebel proves that narrative is made of musicality in this style more than anything else. With great detail and a layered assault on our ears, this take on “This Vibe” is a juggernaut of a track that slowly but surely wraps its arms around us and demands a physical reaction out of our bodies. It’s aggressive dance music, but also quite spellbinding just to listen to.

The bassline is responsible for framing everything in this single, but this isn’t a problem given how much space it’s got in the big picture. Without oozing into the synth parts, the bass is able to put on a dominant performance that replaces the need for an indulgent percussive element in the mix, which is something I feel would have completely changed the current of the music towards something rather predictable and plasticized in comparison. This is why details really do matter in this game, especially when it comes to making a futuristic jam like this one.

From where I sit, the muscularity in this track is more implied than actual, which is to say that it never feels like the speakers are about to come apart from the groove guiding the verses. Discipline is an underrated attribute in pop music, and lucky for Sonic Rebel, it’s something that underscores the better part of “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix),” notably in terms of execution. This could have been a bloated single, but instead, it’s a lean and mean piece of material that begs second and third listening sessions for sure.

Audiences who appreciate a dance track but want a single that’s more than just a lot of cosmetic beats need to go out of their way to give “This Vibe (Tyler Stone Extended Mix)” a spin before the season concludes, as it’s as close to must-listen content as I’ve come across in indie electronica this month. There’s a fiercely underground quality to this performance that really connects with me as a critic, and yet nothing that would repel the mainstream listener in the least. It’s the best of both worlds, but not because its creator was bent on making a hybrid single for the clout.

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