Stacy Gabel Send Us ‘Straight to Voicemail’

Stacy Gabel is releasing Straight to Voicemail, a new EP that showcases her bright personality and passion for music. As an experienced performer, recording artist, as well as singer-songwriter, she has been releasing music and touring along the East Coast. Her new project Straight to Voicemail is poised to further establish her as extremely unique and talented artist. With a sound described as “theatrical pop,” each of the five songs on this EP has its own sound and story as well as its own music video.

This EP starts off with the title track “Straight to Voicemail.” Gabel delivers some engaging storytelling over an upbeat pop track. She sings about demeaning catcalls and pet names, giving an empowering performance with plenty of personality. A simple drum beat and lighthearted guitar pair with the playful tone of her always optimistic vocals.

A similarly playful song with a powerful message is “High Heeled Shoes.” Another anthem by Stacy Gabel, this one puts on a more dramatic sheen. She shows off a deceptively complex arrangement on this song to really make it resonate. A jazzy drum beat combines with a bit of country twang in the guitar, the choruses sound grand with keyboard and strings, other instrumental elements flutter and dance throughout the track and make it a joy to listen to.

The song “Stir Crazy” provides Gabel’s perspective on the pandemic, giving an emotional and personal recreation of the chaos and confusion in this song. The next song “Sunny Days” contrasts “Stir Crazy” with a hopeful and optimistic tune. Along with the bright acoustic guitar and piano, Gabel’s vocals and lyrics shine like a beacon of positivity.

The last track of this EP is “A Little Magic (Acoustic).” With the stripped-down sound of just vocals and guitars, this song gives off a more personal feel. It really shows how Stacy Gabel’s music can stand on its in own with her amazing voice and an accompaniment.

Check out Stacy Gabel’s new EP Straight to Voicemail releasing on January 27th. If you enjoyed Gabel’s music, keep up with her to stay up to date on any tours or new releases. She is a talented and experienced artist, and this EP is a great example of her fun personality and engaging musicality.

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