Stephan Hinz Offers an Outreach from the Deep

Have you ever felt like you needed help, but when people have asked what’s wrong, unexplainably replied with an “It’s OK”? The depressing conflict between having something to say and not feeling able to say it can come from a want to avoid bothering others, a want to keep what’s bothering secret, and many other wants. Stephan Hinz describes this situation from his own perspective with his latest upcoming techno EP, Outreach.

Hinz has a history with several labels (eg. Watergate, Intec, Second State, Drumcode). His journey has lately put him in contact with MOOD Records, where Outreach is soon due for release.

Stephan Hinz Depicts an Everlasting Internal Conflict in Upcoming EP Outreach

This EP is rooted in deep techno, with a strong groove accented with creatively dark synths. Each track plays around seven minutes long with a dark, industrial beat that develops throughout.

The title track “Outreach” begins the story with a gloomcore voice sample repeating, “It’s OK,” over a deep beat. Hinz lays a dramatic orchestra hit throughout, creating the groove. Occasionally he drowns the hits underwater, creating the tension that gets you in the right spot.

The second track, “Phantom Move,” really kicks up with a hi-hat introduced after the first minute. At the same time Hinz lays a dark synth that repeats a line over the beat, occasionally ‘glitching,’ resulting in groovy sounds on the offbeat. This synth remains amorphous throughout, creating an ominous air.

Hinz illustrates the everlasting impact of the situation in the final track of the EP “Resonant States.” The ominous air from the last track carries through the onset of this one. This only lasts a short time before a string pad brings the tension to a new level.

If you like deep, dark techno, definitely keep your eye out for Outreach from Stephan Hinz, due to release on MOOD records November 11th!

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