Strange Fangs Crowdfunding His Debut Album

Strange Fangs is a fantastically quirky electro-pop artist out of New York and you really don’t wanna miss out on his debut album. We haven’t heard much but from what he’s leaked on his Soundcloud, this one’s gonna be the start of something really big.

Although Defeat/Defy is technically his first full-length album, Fangs has spent his entire life making music. So far, he’s played a role in the creation of countless various forms of musical creation. Unfortunately, he’s just always been stuck doing it on someone else’s behalf. Over the years he’s used his songwriting and production capabilities for short films, dance companies, commercials and even a circus!

There’s really no limit to his talent as an artist, the only thing holding him back are the logistics. Simply put, Strange Fangs is gonna need a little help to get this thing off the ground and he’s willing to reward you for your support. Check out his Kickstarter campaign page to get a closer look.


Strange Fangs: In His Own Lane

No matter how talented you are, as a singer-songwriter in the New York music scene, you’ve only got two choices: stand out or get lost in the crowd. It’s just that simple. With millions of people all chasing the same dream, if you’re really trying to make it you’ll find the best way to set yourself apart – and find it quick.

Still very early in his solo career, Strange Fangs has done just that. He dips his toes into the most uncommon sounds and matches them with well-polished, witty lyricism. Vocally speaking, the man sings with a purpose. It’s like he’s constantly searching for the most impactful way to hit the note and you can never say the man is passionless. With just a mobile studio setup and a heart forever fixed on music, Fangs created some of the most inventive, original music I’ve heard in a long while.

Take a song like “Tryna Be Mine”, for example.


The Album And The Business

Strange Fangs is as ambitious as he is talented. This Kickstarter campaign isn’t just for the album, the funds will also contribute to the creation of his own songwriting company, Strange Fangs Song Factory. It’s through this that he’ll be able to continue doing what he loves as a songwriter and assist as many people as possible around the world with their music related needs.

He’s got the talent. He’s got the ambition. He’s got the drive. Now all he needs is a little help from people like us, to make his vision a reality.

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