Enrichment within Tam Tam’s Gorgeous Shimmering Single ‘Blue’

Fueled by desire, heartbreak, and the inspiring hues of a singular color. Driven by the search for human decision and nature’s endless creation. The result is the somber, beautiful, evocative single “Blue” from Tam Tam. A creation with a build of many factors that all intertwine to produce a genuine, soulful experience.


Deconstructing Tam Tam’s intent behind “Blue”


“Blue” begins with the promise of an enriching ballad, proved as the song goes on. Tam Tam’s gorgeous voice is one of intent and emotion. The layers encompass the entire four minutes, delivering a compelling experience. While not a traditional slow moving ballad, the instrumentals bring an individuality to the song. Upbeat focuses in the music with shimmering keys of brilliance offer a bright upbeat.

The Saudi Arabian singer/songwriter pulls influence from all shades of blue in the composure of the single. From the beginning of the chorus, stating “Must be something in the water” from mentioning the sky, rich interpretations of the color are strewn about. Armed with the glories of the blues in nature, Tam Tam found an ideal comparison.


Geography plays a large part in the visualization factor. Drawing inspiration from growing up in the Middle East, from rolling hills of Ojai, California, and then San Diego, a world of glowing hues were available for discovery.


The duality of many


Subjects within the lyrics uncover deep feelings. On the surface, a broken heart searching for an answer after a dissipated romance. The songstress explores her thoughts while observing that her former lover seems lax about what happened. In a sense…cool, like the symbolic color.


While an exploration of feelings, colors, romance, and the relationship between them, “Blue” is also eloquent in passive listening. Calming harmonies are another part of the build, one I adore. A tune that prepares for thought or peace of mind is always gorgeous in its duality.

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