Test Card Girl Lifts You Up With ‘Holds Me Down’

‘Holds Me Down’ by Test Card Girl is an incredible example of alternative-pop. This is a song about the beauty of passionate love.

‘Holds Me Down’ by Test Card Girl is an exemplary example of modern alternative pop. With a strong electric flair, Test Card Girl’s tune will leave the listener enraptured. The style of ‘Holds Me Down’ lives somewhere between Billie Eilish and Laurie Anderson. This artist has a sense of mystical power that makes their music almost hypnotizing.

Singer-songwriter Catherine Burgis has her finger on the pulse of the indie music scene. She has managed to write a song that feels fresh while also incorporating retro elements. Indeed, this tune also appears to be influenced by the synth, new-age movement. It is always incredible when an artist is able to meld classic sounds with their own style.

‘Holds Me Down’ is a song about all-consuming love. Moreover, It is about the moments when we look at the person we love and are blown away by that love’s power. This tune is emotional, but not cheesy.

Yet, ‘Holds Me Down’ perfectly captures the feeling of being absolutely bowled down by the weight of love. Unlike many of the songs which address this kind of passionate love, ‘Holds Me Down’ is beautifully optimistic. It focuses on joy. This new tune is all about the good things that come with love.

‘Holds Me down’ proves that this kind of pure, strong love does not dissipate with age. It does not flit away with experience. Really, Test Card Girl is writing about hope.

‘Holds Me Down’ is a song about the love that all of us deserve in our life, and it reminds us that it is out there – waiting for us to find it. ‘Holds Me Down’ by Test Card Girl is currently available on streaming platforms.

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