“The Arrival” Is Here With Moon And Aries

The synth-pop and opera duo of Moon and Aries has released a new album The Arrival. Their new project blends futuristic and retro elements to create imaginative textures and soundscapes. The Arrival features the best of both universes from producer and composer Tom Aries, and singer/songwriter Jordana Moon.

Moon and Aries began creating music together in early 2021. Although they are far apart from each other with Moon in Canada and Aries in Germany, their shared inspiration has transcended both physical boundaries and genre. Bringing a mix of otherworldly singing and spacey production, they aim to elevate the collective consciousness with artistry and philosophy in their music. Moon and Aries have a mission that has succeeded despite all odds.

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The album starts off with the title track “The Arrival”, setting the scene with a sci-fi soundscape of keyboards and layered vocals. This song is dramatic and grand, evoking exciting imagery and bringing energy that carries us into the next song “Cold”. The second track heads in an ambient direction with light keys and strings overlaying muted percussion that flutters around. “Glory Attack” follows off “Cold” picking up the pace while remaining a chill synth-pop track.

In “Toxic City”, Aries creates a shimmering sound with bright synths and piano fighting for your attention. Jordana Moon’s vocals narrate a story through her lyricism. Similarly, “Lost in Separate Worlds” is an engaging and cinematic story. This track is over a space-age dance beat with an electronic groove.

Jordana Moon’s vocals on this project are impressive, especially on a track like “Pink Moon”. She deftly weaves layered melodies throughout this song, going ever higher and building up the emotion. Another point where her vocals shine is on “Shadow” where she reaches impressive heights. Her vocals are undoubtedly complimented by Tom Aries clean production and beats that surround her voice.

The song “Sneak Preview” starts to bring us down to Earth with a slower paced electronic ballad. Finishing off this project is “Never Ending Escape”, a cool track that shows off the retro percussion and synth sounds that Aries is adept at. This is the closing track for the project, but highlights the enduring nature of the philosophical concepts visiting on in the album, leaving a lasting impression.

The Arrival is an ambitious, exciting, and thought provoking collaboration by the synth-pop and opera duo of Moon and Aries. If you enjoyed this album make sure to keep up with Moon and Aries. During this project they have established their sound and mission, they are inspired and passionate about the philosophy and art in their music.

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