The Band Camino Closes Out Their Sold-Out Tour in Philadelphia

The Tour Camino kicked off on March 23rd and proceeded to take the next month by storm. With Flor and Hastings there to help open the show, The Band Camino set off to make something magical happen. And they did just that, selling out all 25 dates of the tour. Franklin Music Hall in Philadelphia saw the end of the tour and we were lucky enough to take part in the magic.

The anticipation for this show was at an all-time high for folks. Many have a deep history of seeing The Band Camino in Philly, some were even lucky enough to catch them when they were playing a tightly packed Milkboy (~200 capacity venue). So to be able to catch them on their first headliner post-COVID shut-down the energy was pulsating in the building for fans.

Fans were given bouquets of red, pink, white, and yellow roses. Each and every person alongside the barricade clutched onto their flowers as they anxiously awaited the headliner’s start. As lights came down on the band’s walk-out track came on the fans erupted into screams, ready to dance the rest of the night away.

Kicking the night of with “Know It All” off of their 2021 self-titled album, the crowd erupted into finger pointing and singing along with the band. With heavy fog and moody, red lighting it was clear the night was going to be artistically crafted to fit each song.

During “Roses” the second song of the set, fans threw their roses onto the stage in a moment far more epic than any confetti blast I’ve ever seen. The roses adorned the stage the rest of the evening, adding to the aesthetic the band was working with. Purple, pink, and blue lighting was all too popular and strobes and lighting effects amplified the performance overall.

As the evening progressed The Band Camino played popular favorites from their 2021 and 2019 albums and incorporated a fan-fave throw back to their 2016 EP by playing “2/14.” Throughout the night you couldn’t find a corner of the room that wasn’t fully immersed in the experience The Band Camino put together for the evening.

The night was lighthearted, energetic, (kinda drunk) and fun. Fans created mosh pits for top hits like “1 Last Cigarette” and laughed along as ‘ghosts’ in white sheets came out and fed the band drinks as they played “Haunted.” There was no judgement, just A LOT of people together in one room fully immersed in a moment.

With the first leg of The Tour Camino being an undeniable success, it’s safe to say the second leg of the tour that starts this June will be just as successful. If the tour is coming to a town near you, be sure to grab your tickets soon. They will surely sell out!

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