The Happy Fits Are Back With “Changes”

The Happy Fits are back with a new single and music video for a catchy and upbeat song about stumbling through life and finding yourself along the way. The band is known for their energy and sound. They are an ever optimistic trio that fits somewhere under the umbrella of indie, alternative, rock, and pop.

Starting off as a summer project between friends, The Happy Fits released their first EP before going off to college. When the project started to take off, they got back together to focus on their music. Since then they have been releasing their unique blend of alt-pop/rock music with an uplifting vibe.

Their most recent single is “Changes” an energetic and catchy song about learning from your mistakes, living life, and finding yourself along the way. The poppy and energetic up-tempo nature of the song reflects the fast paced life they portray. Calvin Langman, both the lead vocalist as well as an electric cellist adds to the song with strings giving it a bouncy texture that contrasts with the more alt-rock sounds of Ross Monteith on guitar and Luke Davis on drums.

The music video is quirky and comedic, with the members of the band put through overexaggerated situations. The video manages to be relatable while remaining unique and light hearted. Full of bright colors and personality, the video for “Changes” has a unique aesthetic that matches The Happy Fits style.

If you enjoyed “Changes” make sure to check out some of The Happy Fits previous work. Their 2016 debut EP Awfully Apeelin’ put them on the map, while 2018s Concentrate and 2020s What Could Be Better built on their sound. The Happy Fits are on tour now and are preparing to release another album on the horizon.

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