The Prolegend Movement – Positive Futuristic Hip-Hop With Positivity

In the rap game there is often an attitude of “everyone out for themselves”.  Many songs are about how this rapper is so much better than everyone else out there and has no equals.  This ‘better than thou’ arrogance has gotten very old in my opinion, and it has been done to death.  This is why I was very impressed with the new collective I was introduced to.  Welcome to the world of The Prolegend Movement.

The Prolegend Movement

The group of common ideals was formed in Jacksonville, Florida’s northwest quadrant by four men who see above the common beef battles named Mass Pro, Laf Legend, Lankdizzim, and J.Co.  The combination of talents between these men has created a force to be heard.  They excel in writing, producing, game spitting, and performing.  A rare treat nowadays.  Influenced by past greats in the Soul, Hip-Hop, Blues, and Jazz genres, The Prolegend Movement has stirred this all together to form a style of hip-hop that has fun yet explores a message.  And there is more than just the music, they take a love for film, art, fashion and movies through the decades, and have cultivated a life style of progressive knowledgeable Soul and combined it with a funked out vibe, banging beats, and cutting lyrics.

The Prlogend Movement is not about to slow down.  The group is out there performing all over the Jacksonville area sharing their sound with everyone that will listen.  It seems to be working because the fans are growing rapidly. They put out new music and videos seemingly non-stop.  Their latest is the Daily Bread mixtape, a 21 track record of smooth grooves with flowing vocals with a positive message.  ‘Arrested Development’ has a spooky feel to the beat but the lyrics are right there in your face to bring you along through the story.  Each member takes his turn at the mic so naturally it is almost hard to determine who is rapping each verse.  Another track that jumped out to me was ‘She Likes it’.  It has a taste of classic Outkast to it but stays modern and positive throughout.  A great video was made for the song too.  Enjoy it here:


Go take a listen and become a fan of the Prolegend Movement for yourself at:

Daily Bread mixtape

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