The Sound of Monday Releases “Hey Inconsiderate!”

Whether you read it as political subtext or unrepentant emotional pining, the lyrics that run so fluidly through the pulsating center of The Sound of Monday’s new single and video “Hey, Inconsiderate!” slash through the tight squeeze that the guitars surrounding them create in the track and evoke images within our minds that are unique to each listener depending on their own artistic perception of the narrative. “Hey, Inconsiderate!” wears its heart on its sleeve, but it doesn’t put all of the cards on the table through its compelling prose; this vocal wants us to dig deep into the enigma of its statements, and furthermore, the melodic packaging that they’re outfitted with, in search of some introspection amidst a generation of self-centered personalities in pop music.

The beats are more memorable and addicting than those in “All the Highs All the Lows,” and seem to have been designed to implant themselves in our heads like a midcentury radio jingle would. My favorite moment in the song isn’t the chorus, but actually the buildup to the hook in the ascending verses that come right before it.

All at once, catharsis swarms us and breaks up the tension in a climactic finish that is reminiscent of what Tegan & Sara might have done at their creative peak, although I will say that what we’re getting from The Sound of Monday in this setting feels just a bit more uninhibited, driven by hedonism, and perhaps set up as to give us a more cathartic finish on the other end of the lyrics (even when they have the kind of dark wit we discover so early on in this single and its companion music video).

If you’ve yet to hear anything else this band has done or just experience The Sound of Monday in some other capacity, I really recommend taking a look at their new music video for “Hey, Inconsiderate!,” which serves as an awesome place to start. It’s different from what other recent hits have been able to bring to the table thus far, and overall the material this crew presents us with promotes a duality in their sound and teases a promising future for an exciting hybrid that they’ve made their signature sound. The response to this single and video has been positive, and I think that it’s only a taste of what’s to come as they grow into their sound more.

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