The Violet Stones Celebrate “Shark” Week Differently

Shark Week has become a summer favorite in the media but what’s tougher than a 1,400-pound Great White? The Violet Stones show some competition with their new single, “Shark.” The track is bad to the bone from the opening whine of feedback to the persistent crash of cymbals behind singer Sarah Jane Curran’s berating vocals.

The Violet Stones Hit Hard

“Shark” transports listeners straight back into the land of long hair and over sized flannel. Grunge-lovers and nu-metal fans alike have given the band five stars. To get an idea of the band’s sound, think “Nirvana Goes Smashing Pumpkins At A Garden But Gets Chained Up And Tied To A Screaming Tree By Alice.”

Three friends make up The Violet Stones: Lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist Sarah Jane Curran, bass guitarist with backup vocals Neil Johnson, and lead guitarist Jarrod Mazzacca. The three began playing in Sydney, Australia back in 2016, forming aggressive drumlines and explosive riffs at every practice. The group has honed their sound in the wake of influences such as System Of A Down, Korn and Nirvana. Their most recent studio album, “Exordium,” hosts 12 headbanging tracks that masterfully stack strong lyrics against driving basslines.

Both Hysteria Mag and Happy Mag call to attention the band’s willingness to break genre barriers. “We always get compared to Paramore even though we sound nothing like Paramore,” they said after discussing the release of “Kill Me.” Having a female lead has only fueled the fire to create a distinct sound unlike any other. The band promises the release of a new album and tour once venues begin opening back up, this time with more heavy-hitting intensity. Going beyond grunge, we can’t wait to see what they release next. Follow them on Facebook and Twitter to keep track of new releases.

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