Them Dirty Roses Light It Up with ‘Candle In The Dark’

Them Dirty Roses achieve a perfect blend of old-school Southern Rock and present-day Hard Rock on the band’s new single “Candle In The Dark.” 

Released March 1st, 2024 on Garden Party Records, “Candle In The Dark” is a strong, mid-speed cut that goes all out from the jump. It’s built on huge-sounding guitars, tough drumming, and the classic blues theme of love gone wrong. Lead vocalist and guitarist James Ford spins his story with clarity and grit, making us feel each line and word. “For every day we had together, I light a candle in the dark” sings Ford in the track’s chorus, delivering the emotional goods on top of a raging rock band. His brother Frank Ford absolutely kills the drum groove and propels the tune into the night sky. 

Guitarist Andrew Davis and bassist Ben Cain also turn in outstanding performances here. Cain’s bass lines and sound will hit you in the chest like a locomotive and Davis and James Ford are a ripping and deeply-connected two-guitar team. Them Dirty Roses provide the tight rhythms and screaming leads are the order of the day on “Candle In The Dark.” Their tones are brash and bold just like we like them. 

All four band members of Them Dirty Roses are Alabama natives and hometown friends, which adds a certain authenticity to their combined sound. They know each other so well that they now live under one roof in Nashville as they pursue their rock and roll ambitions. Fans of straight-up, punch-your-lights-out rock music will find a lot to like here and need to get “Candle In The Dark” into their daily rotation. This is definitely the real stuff. 

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