Tough On Fridays shows us a glimpse into the future with ‘Overboard!’

Since 2017, Tough On Fridays has consistently created outstanding music that suits them, rather than pandering to what the industry wants. As a result, each track they release has an authentic feel. You can hear the personal connection to their work. Since their early days, they showcased an impressive depth to their lyrics and arrangement skills to match the mood. Part of this is because they mix up the different variations of the rock subgenres. A trait that makes it a challenge to define their sound. They can bring energy and attitude with songs such as “Cabin Fever”, “Little Italy”, and “Fraud”. But they have a softer side, as highlighted by “Lonely Eyes/Pines” and “Yachats”. All of this is thanks to the winning partnership of Caleigh (guitar/vocals) and Carly (bass/vocals). 

With additional support from studio/touring drummer Chris Schreck, they have been assembling songs with stories that make it easy for listeners to relate. When it comes to their live shows, they not only demonstrate that they love performing, but fans sing their praises after a gig is over. As for the present and future, Tough On Fridays are looking to release the album The Encore You Didn’t Ask For (due later this year). For a taster of what is to come, they have assembled the EP Overboard! 

‘Overboard’ gives us a sneak peek of what can be expected from Tough On Fridays upcoming album ‘The Encore You Didn’t Ask For’. From what’s on offer, it’s going to be a must-hear album!

Opening up the EP is the title track, “Overboard”. It is their first original track in a few years. If you’ve heard their music before, you will notice a different feel compared to prior releases. Confirming this trio have no fear of moving their musical landscapes. The intro has a familiar sound, but when the verse arrives, it offers something with a pop-punk undertone. It helps to add something special in delivering the opening lines, “I’ve had so much time on my hands / To better myself and take care of myself this year”.

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As the hook arrives, its delivery is stunning. The vocals have so much emotion within the lines, “Breathe / Take in everything / Breathe”. After each verse/chorus combo, they insert a short instrumental break. During this time, the trio let their musical talents take the spotlight. Each member shows how integral they are to Tough On Fridays. If this is what to expect from future releases, it sounds like a new chapter for the band.

“Covet” is a cover of a song originally by UK rock band, Basement. Tough On Fridays has stayed faithful to the original by not changing its flow. However, they have made it a bit moodier, especially with the vocals. When you hear them deliver the hook, their talents really shine. You can’t help but want to sing along to, “With you / I don’t want to be with you / When I’m with you / I don’t want to be with you”. It’s strange, as while you are listening, it feels like a track that could have been one of their own.

Closing things out is “Lush (Reimagined)”. As the title suggests, it is an old track that has had a few changes. While listening, it shows how far Tough On Fridays have come since their early days (as it was one of their first original releases). It has always been something special to them. They felt they wanted to mould it into something that they would create at the current stage of their career.

As time has passed, the band have learnt a lot, as “Lush (Reimagined)” highlights. The new version offers an improved production quality, but personally, the more noticeable change is with the vocals. Even from the delivery of the opening lines, “Stayin’ up all night / With the volume up high / Don’t ever let me go / Don’t let me go”, the delivery is sublime. Not that the previous version was poor (far from it), but the emotional tone as each word is shared is captivating. Even more, as they turn up the tempo to execute the lines, “Tell me your favorite songs / We can smoke and sing along”. From beginning to its end, the ebb and flow of the song add to the story they are sharing. 

When Overboard! is finished, it leaves you wanting more. It is a credit to the band and what they have assembled. It has something to keep long-time fans happy, but it is the perfect doorway for those new to Tough On Fridays. What we can agree on, the release of The Encore You Didn’t Ask For will not come soon enough.

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