The Tracys Take Back the Punk with ‘Humdinger’

Are you ready for a straight-out-of-the-gate, classic punk experience? Even if you aren’t, The Tracys are ready to knock you in your face with their record Humdinger. 1980s CBGB punk has gotten a gritty 2018 revival, and it’s vivid within this Brooklyn’s bands veins.


Reviving punk, Brooklyn style


Humdinger is a spectacular vision of that aggressive scene of hard sound and harder knocks. If the opener, “People Scare Me,” doesn’t convince you, check out my favorite, “Your Team Sucks”. That one takes on a fast paced, adrenaline building rush of excitement, kind of like NOFX or Dead Boys-Sonic Reducer style. Without sounding too rushed, these punk revivalists give listeners a thing or two in the role of heavy sound.

An obvious heavy-hitter, The Tracys have a type of playful undertone to their songs. As in, don’t take life too seriously. For example, “Free Easy Life” is an atonement to the “chill out, rock out” vibe.


I was adequately impressed with “Psych Ward” and “New World,” potential socially impactful commentaries on current climates in America. In the true punk spirit, The Tracys aren’t afraid to add their views on culture to their all-encompassing record. And while the whole album is thoroughly enjoyable and a piece of work that would be incredibly epic to see live, a couple of standouts have their place alongside my aforementioned favorite.


Hardcore meets technique with The Tracys


Listening through all of Humdinger is really nice. Uncontrollable and reckless, and the most of these is “Wendy O.” The lyrics make her sound like the kinda chick you want to be friends with. Larry Mancini on bass and John Payne on rhythm guitar are definitely adding the type of groove you expect from a band of this caliber. Not only that, but they heighten the expectations by raising that bar.


Not only was this refreshing highlight of punk in the now a fun time, but a reminder to get back to the basics of punk, even for just 12 songs.

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