Trevor Owen Shows Us ‘And The Moon Rising’

Trevor Owen has lived a life on tour. The Canadian musician dropped out of school in the 60s to play rock and roll, continuing on to various musical projects, recording and performing. When producer and longtime friend of Owen, Marcus Vichert said “Let’s Make a record,” their years of experience led to And The Moon Rising. This album is deeply personal and a great showcase for Trevor Owen’s soft rock sound.

The title track “And The Moon Rising” begins the album. Soft acoustic guitar and piano lead us into the song, as Owen’s vocals deliver picturesque lyrics. The tight-knit instrumentation develops with percussion, slide guitar and other elements that bring the track to life.

Following up the title track is “Fire Moon – Heima.” Owen builds off a simple acoustic guitar riff into full instrumental landscapes. The verses and chorus feel distinct and give the song a depth of emotion, both thoughtful rumination and playful joy. His lyrics bring the listener into the world he has created with this intricate composition.

The song “Make Me Feel” is another standout on this album. This track is a fun and romantic little song that is easy listening. “Make Me Feel” sounds like a live band playing for a dance, instruments trading off give it an authentic ensemble feel and some tasteful fills keep it interesting.

With plenty of variety, the second half of And The Moon Rising features a good taste of the musical ability of Trevor Owen and his fellow musicians. From the upbeat jaunt on “Not The Only One” to the twang if “Richland Woman Blues,” ending off with the characteristic soft rock charm of “Tell Me What It looks Like.” Trevor Owen’s And The Moon Rising is a record with a great sound and a lot of personality.

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