Truth Table – Alt-Rock From Long Island Ready For Mainstream

The Long Island, NY scene has been a hot bed of talent over the years.  The suburban area has supplied such varied artists from Billy Joel to Public Enemy and Taking Back Sunday to Blue Oyster Cult.  The fans out there support their hard working bands.  We may have just uncovered the next big thing from the LI in alt-rockers Truth Table.

Truth Table

The band is full of successful veterans of the local scene.  Singer Mike Fries won Long Island Idol back in 2007, and drummer Dennis Leeflang has played with the likes of Lita Ford and Bumblefoot.  Bassist Chris Schropfer, and songwriter/guitarist Brian Johnston round out the foursome.  This combination of talented musicians creates some real depth to their songs by using lesser-used chord progressions, riffs, melodies, and syncopated rhythms while holding on to just enough of the familiar rock staple to provide a sound that strikes the balance between originality and tradition.

Late last year Truth Table released their debut album This Is Not A Casino to a waiting fanbase.  The 12 track record ranges from up-tempo rock to dark, spacey jams with some mellow acoustic songs thrown in to keep the balance.  The ready for AAA radio ‘Animated’ and ‘Dialogues And Chances’ are soft pop rock song that show off the vocal talents of the band in a catchy yet true to alt-rock tone.  The harder ‘Truck’ is a rock song with tremendous guitar skills thrown in to show what this band is all about.  Songs such as ‘Empty City’ and the album closer ‘A Hundred Year Frost’ brings resemblances to the soft ballad type songs that have been featured all over mainstream radio and TV soundtracks recently.  Truth Table is ready to have their music alongside these radio giants; they just need some more exposure to get there.  Remember where you heard of these guys when your girlfriend demands you hit repeat on their CD.

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