Unlike Pluto is Unlike Any Other Act

Self-proclaimed misfit Unlike Pluto uses his originality to stand out from the crowd. Blending EDM, country, folk, and rock, Unlike Pluto is unlike any artist before him.


Atlanta native and now-Los Angeles-based Armond Arabshahi has had a passion for music throughout his entire life. He has been a self taught musician from the age of 5 and has now entered into the realm of DJing and Producing.


Dominating the music scene since 2015, Unlike Pluto has grown from a self taught DJ to a full out festival hit. After this growing success, Arabshahi performed at music festivals such as Lollapalooza, Bonnaroo, EUPHORIA Music Festival and more. In 2017, his “Everything Black Tour” gained momentum. After this tour, the single by the same title reached over 20 million streams on the platform Spotify.


Now with a more mature sound, Unlike Pluto has released “Fake Smiles, Real Memories”. This double feature showcases two tracks; JOLT and WHY.


Unlike Pluto falls somewhere in between rock and techno.

Opening with haunting vocals, “JOLT” is a pop punk ballad. As the chorus kicks in, the EDM roots begin to show and this track transforms into a techno based anthem. According to Arabshahi, “JOLT was inspired by one of my all-time favorite movies, Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, and the TV show Black Mirror. I thought to myself, what if you could remove horrible traumatic memories from someone, and how could that go wrong, what if you wipe all your bad memories?”


Beginning with guitar strings, “WHY” is haunting in a rock and roll kind of way. With EDM vibes and grunge vocals, this track singes emotions and frays the hearts of the heartbroken and heartless. Arabshahi says, “…WHY is about being unable to feel any emotions no matter how much you want to. I paired this song with JOLT because I imagined a scenario where you wipe the memory of an ex, but afterwards feel an emptiness inside you and going crazy because you’re unable to fill the void.”


Unlike Pluto’s unique sound has generated buzz all over the country. Inspired by acts such as Gorillaz and Linkin Park, Unlike Pluto has reached a new realm with his unconventional blend of genres. Giving acts like Breathe Carolina a run for their money, Unlike Pluto is on track to be unlike any act you have ever heard.

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