Val Barin – Dark Acoustic Folk For Those Deppressed Evenings Alone

Sometimes the most beautiful music can be made by just keeping it simple.  What could be more simple than a man and his guitar.  That is what we found in Val Barin, a folk singer that uses just his voice and melodic acoustic guitar to create songs that stay mellow and in your head.

Coming from the hustle and bustle of Las Vegas is not something you would expect on first hearing Val’s music, but that is where he has been for a while.  He delivers husky yet smooth vocals that could be reminiscent of Elliot Smith, sometimes straining and cracking at just the right spots to make it unique and comforting.  His guitar work is simple yet elegant as well.  There is no overplaying or soloing here, just creating melodies to carry you through the lyrics.

Val Barin recently signed with Exquisite Noise Records to release his latest album, Purse Of Old Crows.  After tolling through the Las Vegas folk/acoustic circuit for a long while, this is well deserved.  The 11 track album does its best to keep it simple while still creating an enjoyable soundscape for that evening home alone.  The lyrics are something to focus on here as well as Val touches some deep emotions that many artists are unable to share.  The spooky ‘Passer’ is Val playing a rather peppy guitar line while a haunting organ sound drifts in the background to match the dark and echoed vocals.  ‘Cold Advice’ has an almost country tinge to it that reminded me of acoustic Nirvana covering a Meat Puppets song.  He yearns for forgiveness and a quick exit to a failed relationship that makes the listener want to give him a hug.  My favorite track is ‘Mimesis’, where Val shows off some impressive guitar picking while still staying on the dark side of folk.

Bottom Line: Val Barin’s Purse Of Old Crows is a great album for when you are in a depressed mood and not yet ready to be cheered up.  He manages to relate to the listener and form a kind of bond that helps without being an overeager annoyance.

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