Vanessa Carlton Teaches Us “The Only Way To Love”

Vanessa Carlton has released a new track titled “The Only Way To Love” from her upcoming album Love Is An Art, due out March 20th this year! “The Only Way To Love” captivated me from the first second of it and I’ve been listening to it on repeat ever since! Fans were already desperately counting down the days until the album release, but this newest single is sure to have listeners ecstatic for what is coming next!

When I first saw the name of her album, I was beyond intrigued! These four words are simple but have so much meaning to them and there is absolutely nothing generic about Vanessa Carlton’s way of exploring the theme of love! There is such an infinite depth to the ups and downs of love and how we can use it to learn more about ourselves and our world. Vanessa Carlton has earned her reputation as a fearless artist that shares her stories and inner reflections very intimately with her audience and this latest song is certainly no exception!

Her vocal range is so powerful and the percussion and pianos beautifully compliment her unique vocal sound. Vanessa is one of those artists whose voice is instantly recognizable even if it’s your first time hearing a track. She has a really unique ability to tell stories of love and the pulling of heartstrings in fresh ways that we haven’t heard before! The vocal harmonies will have you in a trance, and the very close psychic distance she creates in “The Only Way To Love” will make you feel like you’re inside of her beautifully artistic mind! It’s really powerful as a listener when you experience a person who is wholeheartedly an artist in every sense of the word and finds new ways to explore art and love– two themes that are so entwined and have been throughout history. 

Keep Up With Vanessa Online!

If you’re as obsessed with this new track as we are, be sure to show her some support by visiting her Youtube channel and Spotify. You can also check out her official website and keep up with her on Twitter and Facebook. We’re so excited to hear the rest of what is sure to be an epic album!

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