Visuals Drop New Dream Pop EP “The State of Things”

Visuals recently released their four track EP, The State of Things. It’s a dance soundtrack that features mostly electronic sounds.

Critics say that the album brings together diverse musical elements, the singer has a unique vocal style, and the lyrics are acutely subtle. This critic enjoys the beats, but does not feel that Visuals’ music is particularly compelling. It’s peaceful, but in a way that that’s better suited to helping lull you to sleep.

Visuals — Music for the Quiet Times

The first song shares the name of the album, “The State of Things.” I enjoyed the lyrics: There’s a focus on the idea of materialism as art, the animality of humankind, the constant changes in life, and the idea of trying out personalities before you find yourself.

It was during this song that my roommate, who had walked into the living room while I was listening, asked if I was enjoying U2. Other critics have described it as simultaneously moody and melodic.

“Days of Our Youth” is a fun tune that sounds, to me, like it was written and recorded in the ’80s and should have been included in the soundtrack of Pretty in Pink or St. Elmo’s Fire.

It’s got a beat that you can dance to and a beautiful refrain: “Wanna live forever / tell me ‘bout your paradise.” I didn’t notice a powerful climax within the song, but there is a slight crescendo towards the end.

“No Handle” begins with discordant notes. It has the same style and sound as the other songs on the track and isn’t bad music for a dance club. EarMilk calls it “lethargic” and “atmospheric.”

“Everything Flash” didn’t really go in any direction at all. It was evident to me the reasons Visuals made this a bonus track. It seemed like they threw together some noises to see how they’d sound, and thought it wasn’t so bad.

In the end, I would recommend listening to Visuals’ The State of Things. I suggest doing so while getting ready for a night out dancing, or right before bed. There’s a time and a place for certain types of music, and this is prime for either pregaming or passing out.

You might consider it perfect for something else. Take a listen and find out.

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