Whoa Dakota Bring a Fresh Funk Sound on ‘We Create’

It’s pretty easy to get sucked into following a breaking news story, especially with the number of tragedies happening around the world. From clicking something on social media and continuously scrolling for the latest updates to turning on the TV and flipping it to whatever news station you prefer, we often find ourselves trapped in wanting every detail and spending hours waiting to get it.


The latest single from Jessica Ott, better known as Whoa Dakota, tells exactly this. “We Create” follows the need to sometimes forcibly unplug yourself from these traumatic news cycles to stay sane. Whoa Dakota also wrote the track as “an attempt at reconciling the simultaneous dichotomy of my personal joy with a world in ruin.” At a time where so much suffering was going on around the singer despite being in the midst of her career, “We Create” became an expression of sadness, joy, and guilt wrapped up into one.


Whoa Dakota drags you into her world on ‘We Create’


Balancing a funky melody with pop tendencies, “We Create” finds a unique groove that brings together the feelings of sadness, joy, and guilt that Whoa Dakota talks about through the track. As the second single from her upcoming album Patterns, the track also shows her ability as a singer and musician to carve out a unique space that no one else is occupying.


A funk-infused bass and swelling guitar create a funk-centered atmosphere. Bringing this feeling across the entire track, you’re trapped in such a unique soundscape where, with every listen, you can uncover something new that makes you continue to fall more and more in love with “We Create.”

On top of this fresh funk feel, it’s hard not to be captivated by Whoa Dakota’s flow on the lyrics. They fit effortlessly over the layers-on-top-of-layers of instrumentation. Lyrically, Whoa Dakota takes you through an entire range of emotions despite the overall happy feeling to the track.


“We Create” was highlighted as one of NPR’s Tiny Desk favorites from 2017 and was featured on their Tumblr.


You can catch more of Whoa Dakota in June with the release of her debut album Patterns.

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