WNTR PPPR’s New Single Is “So Sweet”

Texas-native WNTR PPPR (pronounced like winter pepper) is an up-and-comer on the rise with a unique sound. With old-school influences like Jimi Hendrix and Bob Seger blending with more modern influences like Red Hot Chili Peppers, Incubus, and Sublime WNTR PPPR has carved out a unique niche for themselves in music. “So Sweet” is the latest single from the group with a touching backstory.

WNTR PPPR typically pulls music from his heart, taking experiences with loved ones and making them into song. “So Sweet” is no different. Inspired by the heartbreaking passing of his dog Miki. But this isn’t a song of heartbreak. This is a song that cherishes the sweet and quirky memories that the two shared together.

Watch the video for “So Sweet” below

There’s no deep, metaphorical lyrics here. Nothing flashy or lavish. Just authentic and honestly, adorable musical story telling of the life that Miki led. You get the sense of Miki’s personality throughout the tune and if nothing else this will serve as an incredibly beautiful memoir to a pup that clearly was something special.

If the cute lyrical content doesn’t totally whomp you in the feels then you’ll be sure to catch them while watching the music video. A montage of photos of Miki fills the screen and put a face to the playful stories.

All in all, “So Sweet” isn’t revolutionizing music. It’s nothing that’s going to totally rock the world. But what I can say it is, is 100% genuine. And there is, indeed, something “So Sweet” about it.

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