Dallton Santos – A Master Of The Guitar Bringing Different Styles To Light

As musicians we all have a love for the music we can create.  Some individuals are able to take this to a higher level and expand their skills to a place that sets them apart from the rest.  A good is example is guitarist Dallton Santos.

Dalton Santos

The Brazilian guitarist first picked up the instrument at the age of 12 and was undeniably drawn to it.  His late teen years were highly influenced by some of the greatest guitarists of the time.  Such acts as Van Halen, Jimi Hendrix, Yes, Jeff Beck, and Led Zeppelin, among others made Dallton Santos dive deeper into mastering the sounds he could produce with a guitar.  This passion has led to a talent with the instrument that is second to none.  

The latest album by Dallton Santos is The Inner Things.  The 7 track instrumental album shows the full gamut of Dallton’s skills, influences, and styles.  The opener “Sensory Input” begins with an impressive scale and an all out attack on his guitar.  The sound comes off as large as an arena.  There is a darker feel to “Deep” with tones and random noises taking the listener to a different place.  When “Mind Control” hits you it is all over.  The awe that you will have for Dallton Santos’ skill and ability to change up styles mid-song will keep you guessing where the song will go next.  The closer “Nikitless” creates a whole new atmosphere to experience as the highly technical scale runs are accompanied with an epic background that could relax any weary mind.

For any lover of the guitar as an instrument, Dallton Santos is a must listen.  Find out more and hear some music at:

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