The Sixth Generation – Flashback To An Earlier Time In Music

Time may move on but when a group of musicians has that magical spark there will always be that connection that time can not wear out.  A good example is the story of the band The Sixth Generation.

Sixth Generation

Based in Niles, Michigan, The Sixth Generation has quite a history! The band’s early days date back to 1966, when the local music scene was brewing legendary musical talents such as Tommy James and the Shondells, Bob Seger, and Madonna.  In 1967 the band had their first major hit “This Is The Time” that put them on the map.  But like many bands, life got in the way and The Sixth Generation broke up when the members started attending college.  

Fast forward 40 years later and someone had the idea to ‘get the band back together’.  They reconnected immediately and started pouring out music like time had never passed.  Their stage presence may be a little different but the magic is still there.

On February 26th The Sixth Generation will release their new album Feelin Good.  The 8 song record picks up right where they left off.  The opener “Keep On Chasing My Dreams” lets you know that these guys still have some fun to share with you.  The title track “Feelin Good” provides a happy little melody that will put a smile on your face.  The vocal harmonies bring back to mind the music of the late 60’s era all over again.  There is definitely a lack of the modern technologies in their sound but that is what makes it perfect for flashing back to another time.  On “Those Old Rock Songs” the energy kicks up a little with the organ carrying the track forward with that classic vibe.  The album closes with “Just Do It”.  The music may not fit in with today;s mainstream sounds but if you are looking for a flashback to a mellower time in the music scene take a listen for yourself at:


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