Left In The Dark – Catchy Dark Rock Is Back And Its Huge

The current state of popular mainstream music really hurts our ears.  It’s all bubble gum electro-pop with no heart to it.  What happened to the rock or even alt-rock that ruled the radio only 10 years ago?  Luckily we recently found a throwback in Left In The Dark that is still pouring out powerful songs.  

Left In The Dark

The 4-piece band from Dayton, Ohio has only been a complete band for the last 2 years but the magic seems to happening quickly.  Their music is a hard rock based sound with progressive and metal elements thrown in to add to the power.  Left In the Dark just started getting out there playing live shows last October but the fans looking for real rock seem to be catching on fast.  Hopefully this is the new trend in the independent music scene.  

Left In The Dark already has a full length album out there entitled Shadowglass to get their music into more ears.  The 13 track album is a well produced beginning especially since it was written, recorded, mixed, and mastered, by vocalist Josh Schaurer, and drummer Brian Gerth alone.  The opener “Sand Of The Hourglass” is a minimalistic but epic start as the tone is set for something dark yet huge.  The huge sound of “Lie To Me” is a good example with chugging guitars and powerful rhythms filling the space behind Schaurer’s shining vocals.  “Last Request” opens up with emotional lyrics before bashing forward into an all out assault on your ears.  Drummer Gerth sets the pace on “Best Wishes” as his rapid fire fills stand out among the rest of the band who fill the sonic space extremely well.  Raw dark alt-rock is back with a vengeance here.  By the time you reach the more progressive closer “One Last Time” you have heard all Left In The Dark has to offer in a wild ride of rock enjoyment.

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