Advance – Electronica For The Thinking Mind

Even with some electronic music reaching mainstream success and radio airplay over the last few years there is still a huge movement in the underground electronic music scene that is always experimenting to expand the sound.  Our latest find Advance is pushing his unique sound which has been picking up new fans all along the way.


The Dystopian Electronica project is the brainchild of Tom Perrett.  The musician from Glasgow, Scotland has hooked up with Analogue Trash Records to get his music out to the masses.  The combination of uplifting hooks, soaring melodies, and self-aware lyrics draw in any listener to truly focus on the sound.  Unlike many in the electro scene, Tom Perrett chooses to use his own vocals in his songs.  It does help that his voice is smooth and has an epic sounding quality to it.  This has been a great year for Advance culminating in storming the stage with a career-defining appearance at Resistanz Festival 2015 at the Corporation in Sheffield.

Yesterday, Advance released Deus Ex Machina [Redux].  The album is a re-pressing of the first record ever released on Analogue Records with a 2nd disc of remixes to enjoy.  Right from the opener “Weapon Of Choice” you can hear the New Wave influence of bands such as Depeche Mode but turned into a more modern attack on the senses.  There is a more atmospheric sound to “Enter The Wastelands” with pretty melodies seeming to come at you from all angles as the vocals create images of emptiness.  It is a song you need to pay attention to see where it will go next.  The darkness continues on “New Objective” as the lyrics push forward with a powerful beat driving the dark energy.  The cover version of Madonna’s “Frozen” adds even more layers to the enigma that is Advance.  This is an album to get lost in while you enjoy the ride.  Get a listen for yourself at:

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