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Alanna Boudreau Is Back At It With Her 4th Studio Album, “Goodbye, Stranger”

Alanna Boudreau is no stranger to the Kickstarter scene. In fact, her first full-length album, Hints and Guesses, was funded entirely with the help of her fans. Hints and Guesses (2014) was a highly regarded project, and gave way to 3 tours across the U.S and an international showcase as well. The final song on the album, “I’ll Be Your Woman” is an absolute classic.



Lyrically, she’s got dozens of styles. Here, she adopts a traditional R&B sound – almost reminiscent of prolific Motown songwriters like the Holland-Dozier-Holland trio. Like a seamstress, she weaves her featherweight voice between an orchestra of horns, drums, and piano grooves. Altogether, the piece lays over you like a blanket and leaves your tapping your foot in the front seat of a live musical theatre.

In more recent works like “Controlled Burn” she uses visual accompaniment to highlight her avant-garde writing style.  It’s a piece from her latest album, “Champion”, and lets us know exactly why her Kickstarter campaign page is worth a visit. She puts us on the other side of a full-length mirror and gives us an unrestricted look at everything her life has been.

Check out her campaign page to take advantage of the awesome incentives she’s come up with to reward our support!


Alanna Boudreau: A Jack of All Trades

Alanna Boudreau is the type of artist who just never ceases to amaze you. Each year, she develops another beautiful layer of artistry, and Goodbye, Stranger is a great opportunity to put it on display. Her fourth studio album, it’s sure to be her best work yet – and, for her, that’s saying something.

She’s an outstanding author, crafty songwriter, plays both the guitar and piano, and has a voice like an angel. On the most fundamental level, Alanna Bodreau has left me deeply inspired.

When she wants, her voice is light and airy like bubbles in a soda can. Other times, her voice is smooth, and warming like silk sheets on a weekend getaway. Her songwriting is wondrously clever,  shining like a ray of sunlight onto the innermost crevices of your heart and soul. If you’re receptive, she just might brighten your whole day.



The blend of all her talents is an undeniably fantastic concoction. Alanna Bordreau makes the kind of music you sing to. The kind you can dance to. And most of all, the kind of music that might just take you on a sonic journey into self-examination.

Here’s my favorite:


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