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Sarah Clanton Needs Some Help To Make ‘Here We Are’ Happen

Really big things are happening in music right now thanks to technological advancements being made in the both how our favorite artists are recorded and even how their work is inevitably presented to us. While I’m no opponent of computers or the future, there’s something really unique about an artist who chooses to reject the bells and whistles that the modern studio has to offer in favor of making something more organic and raw. Sarah Clanton has done just that in her new full-length album Here We Are, which comes out this November and stands alone as one of the most authentic LPs to be released in 2018. And she is giving all of us a chance to be part of it with a Kickstarter campaign 


There’s an element in the sound profile of Sarah Clanton that has always struck me as different from any of her closest contemporaries in or out of the Nashville scene. I think that with Here We Are I’ve finally been able to figure out what it is. She’s the kind of artist that doesn’t need a backing band behind her to command the attention of an entire concert hall. The interplay between her vocals and the cello are enough to mesmerize any crowd of people regardless of personal taste, not unlike some of pop’s greatest icons of yesteryear.


The tonality of songs like the freewheeling “Head Games” is so haunting that even a single listen will leave an imprint on the listener. “Head Games” explicitly is a fine example of Clanton’s use of swing to generate an optimistic, almost cheery energy that defies the minor key descent of the song’s central construction. With a rollicking beat to match, we’re taken hand in hand with the music down a rabbit hole of kaleidoscopic textures normally associated with a symphonic recording. I would challenge anyone to give this track a listen and try resisting the urge to shake to its insatiable groove.


Other songs like “Breathe In Breathe Out” put a spotlight on Clanton’s affectionate prose that wraps us up in warmth and comforts us, even when the subject matter is heart-wrenching to observe. Here We Are is a larger than life record, but it never gets so overpowering that it becomes inaccessible or insular in its narratives. Clanton has found a formula for making an LP that is much quieter and reserved than similar fodder but packs a punch more akin to a thunderous heavy metal album than it does a plaintive pop record.


I would love to hear a collaborative record between Sarah Clanton and another artist with equally ambitious ideas. She brings so much to the table that it would only seem natural to team her up with likeminded individuals who share in her passion for making thoughtfully original music. So far she’s done quite well received solo, but my gut tells me that her persona has only just begun to come into its own. She’s not nearly finished showing us what she can do when she’s given free reign over her art, and I’m very eager to hear what she has in store for us next.


Follow Sarah on TWITTER and help make the album happen on KICKSTARTER



     -review by Jodi Marxsbury 

Crowdfunding Review

Jennifer Hope’s My December Helps Save Lives

Certain events will touch musicians in certain ways. When a successful and seemingly happy artist takes their own life it leaves us all with a lot of questions. The untimely death of Linkin Park singer Chester Bennington hit home for a lot of us. Any Linkin Park fan knows all too well the song “My December”. It is a beautiful track but diving into the lyrics gives a glimpse at a rough time in the singer’s life. Our friend Jennifer Hope is now using the song to raise awareness and contributions for Music for Relief’s One More Light Fund in memory of Chester Bennington.

We have featured the alternative singer-songwriter before for her own music as well as innovative renditions of popular songs such as “Bring Me To Life” by Evanescence last year. The vocals of Jennifer Hope show a true talent that needs to be heard.

Now Jennifer is using her skills for a cause that is dear to her. She had been working on recording her own version of “My December” for much of 2017 and actually completed it in July. The passing of Chester Bennington happened soon after. There was a fate there that let Jennifer Hope know there was more to this than just recording a dark cover song. It had to be a sign.

The plan is to use her version of the song to raise money for the One More Light Fund through a GoFundMe campaign. A donation as small as $1 will get you a download code to own the Jennifer Hope version of “My December”. The goal is to raise $1000 for the charity in Chester’s name.

Music for Relief is a nonprofit organization, which was founded by the band Linkin Park in 2004 and is comprised of musicians, music industry professionals, and music fans.

Since inception in 2005 Music for Relief has raised over $9 million for survivors of multiple natural disasters. Music for Relief has now established the One More Light Fund in memory of Chester Bennington.  The fund will honor his generous spirit and desire to help others. Every bit helps especially when reaching someone at a point in their life when things look bleak.

Let “My December” motivate you to help the cause

The original version of “My December” is a fantastic emotional song. The Jennifer Hope version seems to add even more heartfelt emotion with its pretty piano background and ethereal soaring sounds. The spoken word backing vocals let us dive even deeper into the song.

Please step up to help the One More Light Fund and own a great piece of music as a thank you for your help. Go to the Campaign HERE to get a preview of the song and donate what you can.

Learn more about Jennifer Hope:

Crowdfunding Review

Hayley Lam Amazes on ‘Being Alive’

There are so many different ways to perform and create music. Different instruments, genres, and styles make for an infinite number of sounds. At the basis of it all though, you must have the talent. Our recent discovery Hayley Lam has that talent and has put in the hard work to continue getting better.

Now Hayley Lam is taking the next step and preparing to release her debut EP of original music and she can use some help. Her unique sound is a blend of jazz, fusion, and contemporary improvisational music.



The first track we all get to hear is “Being Alive”. The instrumental song reflects on Hayley Lam’s life so far, coming out from a not so decent past to give herself a second chance to live. Her amazing talents are evident immediately. There is a progressive vibe in the song that keeps the listener’s attention throughout with its variety of elegant sounds crashing into each other to create something truly original and inspiring.

“Being Alive” begins with some layered synth sounds that build up the mood. The drum crash gives way to an attack of keyboard trills that rise and fall with the mood. The song has a way of creating emotions with only the use of instrumental sounds. The production is top notch as well allowing each note to have its own place in the mix while creating a full sonic landscape to wash over the listener.

Please consider helping make the dreams of Hayley Lam a reality by contribution to her GOFUNDME campaign.

You can hear more of her music here:  

On Spotify at

Or YouTube at  

Crowdfunding Review

Alanna Boudreau Is Back At It With Her 4th Studio Album, “Goodbye, Stranger”

Alanna Boudreau is no stranger to the Kickstarter scene. In fact, her first full-length album, Hints and Guesses, was funded entirely with the help of her fans. Hints and Guesses (2014) was a highly regarded project, and gave way to 3 tours across the U.S and an international showcase as well. The final song on the album, “I’ll Be Your Woman” is an absolute classic.



Lyrically, she’s got dozens of styles. Here, she adopts a traditional R&B sound – almost reminiscent of prolific Motown songwriters like the Holland-Dozier-Holland trio. Like a seamstress, she weaves her featherweight voice between an orchestra of horns, drums, and piano grooves. Altogether, the piece lays over you like a blanket and leaves your tapping your foot in the front seat of a live musical theatre.

In more recent works like “Controlled Burn” she uses visual accompaniment to highlight her avant-garde writing style.  It’s a piece from her latest album, “Champion”, and lets us know exactly why her Kickstarter campaign page is worth a visit. She puts us on the other side of a full-length mirror and gives us an unrestricted look at everything her life has been.

Check out her campaign page to take advantage of the awesome incentives she’s come up with to reward our support!


Alanna Boudreau: A Jack of All Trades

Alanna Boudreau is the type of artist who just never ceases to amaze you. Each year, she develops another beautiful layer of artistry, and Goodbye, Stranger is a great opportunity to put it on display. Her fourth studio album, it’s sure to be her best work yet – and, for her, that’s saying something.

She’s an outstanding author, crafty songwriter, plays both the guitar and piano, and has a voice like an angel. On the most fundamental level, Alanna Bodreau has left me deeply inspired.

When she wants, her voice is light and airy like bubbles in a soda can. Other times, her voice is smooth, and warming like silk sheets on a weekend getaway. Her songwriting is wondrously clever,  shining like a ray of sunlight onto the innermost crevices of your heart and soul. If you’re receptive, she just might brighten your whole day.



The blend of all her talents is an undeniably fantastic concoction. Alanna Bordreau makes the kind of music you sing to. The kind you can dance to. And most of all, the kind of music that might just take you on a sonic journey into self-examination.

Here’s my favorite:



Kris Woodbird: The Must Hear Musician You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Kris Woodbird is an absolutely fantastic songwriter. Every verse is a display of poetic introspection and an open-hearted approach to the craft. His music is honest, self-searching, and in every way transparent. Each Woodbird track is like it’s own search for truth and, if you listen closely, you just may find it.

He was born on the southern marshlands of Sweden and has developed an unprecedented style of delivery. He’s as much folk as he is alternative and as much alternative as he is country. I’m not too sure what to call this genre, but it couldn’t possibly be titled without the word “indie”. It’s usually slow-moving and deliberate, every word with it’s own intention. A true wordsmith, Woodbird croons with a bashful charm and enchants us all with his well-woven hooks and refrains.


In songs like “New York”, he sings lovingly to the city which has made his dreams a love-stricken reality.

“When you’re drivin’ to New York, you reach for the stars
When you’re leavin’ New York, You reach for the moon”

Some Kris Woodbird And A Cup of Tea

Vocally, he’s got the kind of voice that sounds best from the speakers of your favorite café. He’s like a glass of tea in a coffee shop or like hot cocoa on Sunday evening. His voice is smooth and gliding, but fades into a shimmering obscurity in his rangier songs. It’s the type of offbeat cry that begs your ear to chase after it. With just an acoustic guitar and a simple drum pattern, Woodbird usually likes to keep things simple. His simple instrumentation forces an unparalleled ambition in his lyrics though.

Check out my favorite:

“The Women in Me”  is an eye-batting work of art and very hard to play just once. Every listen offers another glimpse of his soul dancing across the sound waves floating off into the horizon. It seems to me that he’s striving for the likes of folk legends like Bob Dylan and James Taylor. And he just might reach his goal.


Be sure to check out more of Kris Woodbird at:



Roamers Challenge 100 Fans To Sing On Their Debut Single!

In the mirror, in the shower, or in the car, we all do it – and Roamers is putting us all to the test.

They’re a high-powered metal outfit from Montreal, Canada and they’ve got a great idea. In fact, they came up with a never-before-seen Kickstarter campaign tactic. In light of their upcoming project, Roamers has challenged 100 listeners to take a shot at singing alongside them on their debut studio album. They hand-picked their catchiest piece and are willing to let 100 lucky fans be the choir accompanying them in the hook.

It’s an excellent way for fans to form a genuine connection with their new favorite band and I’d suggest taking advantage before it’s too late! The album is set to release in September but they’ll be releasing our team effort here in July. You can visit their Kickstarter campaign page to check out a few other incentives they have to offer. This is an awesome opportunity to play an active role in a hard-hitting, full-length project and I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

Are You Ready To Rock With Roamers?

After all those hours working on that starlight singing voice, why not put it in play? Thanks to Roamers, we can all step behind a microphone and let the whole world hear us! They’ve given step by step directions for submission and will even show exactly how they’re mixing your vocals into the final project. There’s also a quick 30-second preview of the song and, from that alone, it’s clear these guys want to put out a headbanger. They’ve meshed some simple bass chords with a slicing guitar riff and let some heart-pounding drum patterns bring it home.

All that’s missing now is your beautiful voice.

If you want to see more of Roamers feel free to check ’em out at:

Facebook @roamersofficial

Instagram @roamersofficial

Twitter @roamersband

We have helped some other artists such as Tanerelle reach their Kickstarter goals.  Let’s help another hard working artist.




Chris Ross and the North Have New Album Pre-Order

Chris Ross and the North have brought an all-new energy to the country music scene. They’ve harnessed the potency of traditional country songwriting and meshed it with head-moving alternative rock sound. Ross spent years perfecting his craft and, in 2014, was crowned “Songwriter of The Year” at the New England Music Awards. The following year, the band was formed and they’ve been cranking out tunes ever since.

Their 2015 album Young Once is an Americana masterpiece. It stands as an illustrative demonstration of the immense power in the hands of a great songwriter. Mercilessly, Chris Ross and the North take us on a wild ride through our own emotions on each and every song. One minute we’re haplessly in love and the next we’re drowning in the solemn hardship of heartbreak.

This year, they’ve decided to give their fans a special chance to play a part in the album process. They’ve launched a campaign on Pledgemusic to allow fans to grab the album before anyone else can. This also gives us an awesome inside look at the guys behind the scenes and even some exclusive sneak peaks at some unseen projects.


Chris Ross and the North: Real Good Music

There’s just something about a good song that always seems to find a home in even the hardest of hearts. Armed with witty romanticism and a worn relatablilty, Chris Ross and the North fight like titans for their rightful spot in the hearts of all who listen.”


Take a song like “Annabelle”. It’s a fantastically woven ballad that hits the chest with a rather startling poeticism.  The song is exceptionally well-written and the instrumentation is absolutely impeccable. Listen as Ross uses a smokey, bar room voice to tell a compelling love story fit for the big screen.

For more songs like that, check out their Soundcloud!  They’re all great but I’d suggest “The Long Way” and “When the Dark Allows”.

Chris Ross and the North: Somethin’ Special

Chris Ross and the North have their minds set on something truly special. Their work flawlessly blends with both classic and contemporary styles of music, and never sounds too reminiscent of either. The rock-heavy guitar rifts point to rock greats like Steely Dan and the timeless song structure stems from country rock legend Leon Russell. But when they put it all together, the magic is all their own.

Check out their campaign page to take a look at all they have to offer. They’re worth it.


Cody Bryan Band Crowdfunding Their Latest Album

Cody Bryan Band is back in action with a hot new album headed our way. They’ve come up with an awesome opportunity for fans play a role in their return to the country music scene. Through Pledgemusic, they are allowing fans to get their hands on the album before anyone else can.

Check out their campaign page and see the tons of incentives they’ve come up with to merit our support.

Cody Bryan Band: Keepin’ It Country

For a Texas-based, country rock ensemble, Cody Bryan Band is as progressive as it gets. Led by singer-songwriter Cody Bryan, they’re determined to stay true to the basic elements of the genre.

The heart-pumping kick drums. The howl of the guitar. The southern drawl hanging at the end of every line. Cody Bryan Band has effectively produced an honest country sound in every song they’ve released.

But they’re never afraid to embrace new influences.

In songs like “American Girls”, Cody Bryan Band takes a classic approach. Reel ‘em in with honey-style songwriting and make ‘em stay with the sound behind it. Seems like they’re longing for that good old-fashioned country sound and it’s just out of reach. It’s been long overshadowed by the provocative lyricism of opposing genres.

But in songs like “Small Town Noise”, they approach the track with a much more upbeat style. Bryan croons with a handsome charisma as he revels in the hometown hearsay we’ve all dealt with at one time or other. And just like most of us, he won’t let it bother him one bit.

Cody Bryan Band: Big Things Comin’

This is set to be their best work yet. With a few projects under their belt and tons of stage experience across the state, there’s no reason why this won’t be a knock your socks off production. Their producer, Matt Novesky, was a bassist and songwriter for nationally renowned alternative band, Blue October

Check out their Soundcloud! These guys have devoted themselves to creating the best music possible, and they never fail to please. Cody Bryan Band is exactly the kind of group you want on your playlist. Easy going tunes for a car ride and some fast-paced joints to get you goin’. With Cody Bryan Band, you just can’t go wrong.