Kris Woodbird: The Must Hear Musician You’ve Probably Never Heard Of

Kris Woodbird is an absolutely fantastic songwriter. Every verse is a display of poetic introspection and an open-hearted approach to the craft. His music is honest, self-searching, and in every way transparent. Each Woodbird track is like it’s own search for truth and, if you listen closely, you just may find it.

He was born on the southern marshlands of Sweden and has developed an unprecedented style of delivery. He’s as much folk as he is alternative and as much alternative as he is country. I’m not too sure what to call this genre, but it couldn’t possibly be titled without the word “indie”. It’s usually slow-moving and deliberate, every word with it’s own intention. A true wordsmith, Woodbird croons with a bashful charm and enchants us all with his well-woven hooks and refrains.


In songs like “New York”, he sings lovingly to the city which has made his dreams a love-stricken reality.

“When you’re drivin’ to New York, you reach for the stars
When you’re leavin’ New York, You reach for the moon”

Some Kris Woodbird And A Cup of Tea

Vocally, he’s got the kind of voice that sounds best from the speakers of your favorite café. He’s like a glass of tea in a coffee shop or like hot cocoa on Sunday evening. His voice is smooth and gliding, but fades into a shimmering obscurity in his rangier songs. It’s the type of offbeat cry that begs your ear to chase after it. With just an acoustic guitar and a simple drum pattern, Woodbird usually likes to keep things simple. His simple instrumentation forces an unparalleled ambition in his lyrics though.

Check out my favorite:

“The Women in Me”  is an eye-batting work of art and very hard to play just once. Every listen offers another glimpse of his soul dancing across the sound waves floating off into the horizon. It seems to me that he’s striving for the likes of folk legends like Bob Dylan and James Taylor. And he just might reach his goal.


Be sure to check out more of Kris Woodbird at:


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