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“Eat Sleep Slave Repeat” with Alien Pimp

Alien Pimp, the moniker of Dubkraft Records’ Silviu Costinescu, is an artist for whom it is more difficult than others to pinpoint the exact genre that they fall into. The most amazing piece of information that you could get from this article might just be that in efforts to show gratitude to the fans, the electronic mix master streams free songs every month until the end of the year.

Along with these free songs, the videos that accompany are typically of Silviu’s original thoughts and creations. They are very strange indeed — as the songs are, as well —  but they are completely entrancing. His single “EAT SLEEP SLAVE REPEAT” starts off with a somewhat lengthy monologue that is extremely interesting and thought provoking. The words of this monologue flash on the screen somewhat in the style of the Star Wars opening reel, and the tone is very dark and somewhat sinister. There is a very intense meaning behind it that you’ll have to check out yourself.

Alien Pimp Raves with Upbeat, Sinister Sound

As the music starts to kick in, there’s a definite dance vibe that you get from it, but it seems a bit darker than a typical dance track. Of course, the feminine chanting in the foreground of the track is more sinister than you’d expect. The entire song gives off a very video game feeling, something that could be playing in the background of a very intergalactic space game.

Like many other true electronic songs, the lyrics are very minimal, but the “eat sleep slave repeat” refrain seems to etch itself into your head. There are some aspects to this track that make it kind of sound like a ’90s track, but with a more modern spin to it. I have to say that the imagery that you see throughout the video is really entrancing and actually very beautiful. The colors are extremely vibrant and keep you entertained throughout.

Check out Alien Pimp’s Facebook and listen to “EAT SLEEP SLAVE REPEAT” on YouTube now.

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