Angel P Leading The Organic Neo Style

There are some of us out there that feel a real connection to music.  The genre does not matter as much as the beauty of the style.  Great music, in any genre, is great music.  We recently discovered a true lover of music and like mind in Angel P of Angel Play Records.  Music is life and we both feel that love for it all.

The producer and songwriter hails from the wild life of Las Vegas, Nevada.  From an early age, the draw of music pulled Angel P in deep.  He wore out his first cassette tape sitting in an abandoned car listening to “The Lion Sleeps Tonight” over and over again.  Hip Hop and Rap would be his biggest influences as he grew up but all kinds of music would enter his mind.  Angel P could hear the beauty in anything from Psychedelic to Country music and all of this found a place when he started to create his own sound.  

The label he founded, Angel Play Records is focused on a different type of vibe that fuses old school and new school together to make something truly original.  Angel P has coined the new genre Organic Neo.  His ultimate goal is “to make music so I can help heal the world with sounds.”  It seems like he is on his way.

Angel P Introduces Organic Neo on Random Thoughts

Back in November Angel P released Random Thoughts.  Influence from all types of urban music can be heard on the 8 track record.  The opener “Intro To Random Thoughts” starts it off with an electro-fueled dance floor banger that pulls all the energy in the area and puts it right into your ears.  There is a story telling element to “Tocalo” with its spoken word and Spanish verses taking turns leading the listener into Angel P’s world.  



The random influences continue on “Positive Mindset”.  There is straight story rap combined with a rock style bridge that gets heads bopping along.  Listening to the lyrics makes you want to see Angel P succeed and do everything you can do to help him in his journey.  There is a slowed down and slightly experimental beat that leads “Representing” featuring Unknown Artist.  On this one they let us know that they are here to support us as well.  There is love for all ready to be shared.  The record closes with “Rise” featuring Ashlee Cordray.  The haunting melody creeps deep into the soul as Angel P again shows he is here for everyone that wants to be part of his crew.  Count us in Angel.

Keep up with more sounds and news from Angel Play records on their WEBSITE.

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