Anthony Nelson & The Overcomers – Higher Power Spurs Musical Journey

There are many reasons that can be the catalyst for starting a musical project.  Some talent can lay dormant forever but other times these talents are forced out into the world through a higher power.  This seems to be the case with our recent find Anthony Nelson and The Overcomers.

Anthony Nelson

The contemporary gospel and Christian group was founded through the principles of God and His ultimate power.  After going through a tough season of immense spiritual and emotional pain after the early passings of both of his parents, the Holy Spirit gave Anthony Nelson a vision in January of 2013 to form an ensemble of talented musicians and vocalists who would be committed and passionate about serving the Lord through music.  Anthony had discovered his musical talents at a young age but had not pursued them with vigor until this vision awakened him.  The talents of several anointed vocalists including close relatives Melini Redditt, Hollis Brown Redditt, Lynn Burnett, Minister Michael Burnett, Shalandra “Dee” Irvin, and Charles Frazier were brought in to complete The Overcomers.

The group plans to release their full length album Love Jesus, Love People this coming September.  While we are waiting for that we had the chance to hear their single “Broken”.  The beautiful song features the smooth lead vocals of Lynn Burnett over a full soundscape creating a lush feel to the track.  The lyrics speak of the hard Broken times that we have all been through and God’s power to pull you out of these dark times.  The song could cross many musical boundaries reaching many new fans on its journey.  Go now and get behind the story and more music at:

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