Ayoka Sets Us Up For The “Weekend”

Summer is the time we all focus on that carefree feeling. R&B artist Ayoka has channeled that stress-free energy with her latest single “Weekend.” The single focuses on shaking the weight of our chaotic lives and allowing ourselves to feel like royalty for three minutes. Inspired by Chief Keef’s trap record Faneto, you’ll enjoy the mix of trap and traditional R&B melodies found within this summertime banger.

Ayoka says, “any stress you experience this week, we’re going to put it on the weekend and have a great time.” She succeeded in spades. Every verse, every second of this song is immediately entrancing. The beat gives you the perfect base to dance along or shake your head to. Then Ayoka’s sultry, smooth vocals come in and leave you hanging on every word she says.

Listen to “Weekend” below

There’s such power within this three and a half minute track. Ayoka carries herself with such strength and poise and she isn’t afraid to remind folks that she IS that b*tch. “Weekend” is all about honing into that part of yourself that knows you’re the crème de la crème. It’s the perfect track to let your hair down to while you’re out at the bars/clubs.

Ayoka is on the rise to stardom. She’s got the knowledge, talent, power, and strength to break through the world of R&B/hip-hop. If you’re a fan of “Weekend” then be sure to listen to Ayoka’s debut LP titled Venus.

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