B.E.N. – Open Your Mind For Bass Experimentation

One of the goals of any musician should be to challenge the status quo.  Creating new and original music will always draw a crowd.  Unfortunately there will always be the mainstream mind-controlled followers.  True lovers of music though will seek out fresh sounds and innovative musical creations.  Our recent discovery B.E.N. definitely fits that mold.

The B.E.N. musical project is the brainchild of Benjamin Ryan Williams.  The Atlanta, Georgia based bassist and producer has been in the music industry for some time.  Benjamin has worked with big names such as Indigo Girls, Conner Youngblood, Michelle Malone, and The Shadowboxers.  

The most recent record by B.E.N. is titled Bass Every Night.  The 17 track record is an innovative experiment where all the sounds were made with a bass guitar.  This is something that many people would never normally hear but when they do will be in awe.  All engineering was done by Benjamin Ryan Williams.  Mixing and Mastering was completed by DJ Burn One and Five Points Music Group.  

The opener “A Latin Student Never Declines Sex” sets the experimental tone right away.  The spacy effects and reverb added to the sound of the bass guitar lets the listener enter a new world of imagination.  When you hear songs like “The Blue Box” and “Infinitives” you are truly amazed at what can be done with only a bass guitar.  

Enjoy The Beauty of B.E.N. on “The Only Thing Better…”

There are clever melodies built on “Masti Managed” and “Flexible Mirrors” that create catchy sections that bounce around the listener’s now expanded mind.  There is a trance effect generated by “Magnificent People” with the tones creeping into the deepest sectors of that mind.  

By the time you reach the closer “Young David Attenborough” you have been taken on a wild ride of discovery and B.E.N. is not willing to let you go without a little more warping of your mind.

Find some downtime for yourself and enter the world of B.E.N. HERE.

The album is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, etc.

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