Babygirl’s Latest Track Is “Easy” Listening

Babygirl’s latest release, “Easy,” is the collision of bedroom pop and rock. It is layered with soft synths and sad guitar riffs, the perfect backdrop for a sentimental song about one-sided love. The track pines after someone who is decidedly uninterested.

“Easy is written from the perspective of a person on the wrong side of an unrequited crush,” says Babygirl. “It’s about how attractive unavailability can be. Especially if it’s kind of what we think we deserve,” Babygirl says.

It’s a track that nearly everyone can relate to. Who hasn’t had a crush on someone who is indifferent? The song even goes as far as imagining “Mr. Nonchalant” as shirtless and dreams of cooking breakfast in bed for this unattainable man.

The Ontario duo is made up of Kirsten “Kiki” Frances and Cameron “Bright” Breithaupt. Together, they are known for their thoughtful lyrics and soft pop sound. The band’s 2018 sophomore EP Lovers Fever embraced a chill sound and gave way to earworms like “Soft” and “Over In No Time.”

“Easy” carries on this light, airy sound while featuring moments that feel uniquely personal and stripped. It also emphasizes what Babygirl dubs as its signature ‘sad guitars’ sound.

The music video takes an unexpected, yet welcome, twist. For such a delicate song a demolition derby isn’t the kind of image that comes to mind. However, it’s surprisingly fitting. It features the members of Babygirl spray painting and then destroying a pink car. The video encapsulates every emotion that comes with unrequited love: rage, longing, joy, infatuation.

For any pop or indie listener, “Easy” is the perfect introduction to Babygirl’s music. Soft, inviting, and a little bit sad, it’s a track that is perfect for any kind of listening mood.

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