Babygirl Tells Us About “Losers Weepers”

Babygirl released their newest EP Losers Weepers last week, and it’s full of simple yet sweet storytelling lyrics. Babygirl is made up of Kirsten Frances, and Cameron Breithaupt. The duo is already making noise for their sweet songs and lyrics, as reviews like NYLON states, ”The pink flush of Toronto duo Babygirl’s tender pop gives way to a darker center once you start digging into its lyrics.”

And speaking of digging into its lyrics, that’s what made their new EP Losers Weepers fun and addictive to listen to. “Easy” is a very simple opener track, yet the lyrics are soft and sweet. The lyrics talk about how easy opening up to a lover is even though the thought of opening up is very scary. “Nevermind” Is very uptempo, catchy, and different from the previous track. The song is about a relationship going more and more sour when the significant other starts to flake and does actions that are a turn off, with the help of the word “Nevermind”. “You Were in my Dreams Last Night” is a personal favorite of mine because of the storytelling that’s used in the lyrics. If you love when lyrics tell a story, whether it’s a dream or a feeling, you’ll love this tune. 

Watch the video for “Easy” below

“Today Just Isn’t My Day” is a very blues sound, and helps the song tell a story about having a bad day and unable to see the brightside. The key change in the track helps the storyteller remain hopeful about tomorrow and the future. “Million Dollar Bed:” “In my million dollar bed i’ll be without you still”. The lyrics are what make the song. As it compares losing someone to being famous; it shows that when you’re famous you can have everything you want but won’t have everything until you have the one you love. “A Little Bit Closer” Has beautiful harmonies and the lyrics “I need to get a little bit closer to you” help add sweetness to the song; which is about wanting someone and needing to get closer to someone.

Babygirl is already making waves for their sound and lyrics, as each song on the EP is perfect for storytelling and feels relatable from beginning to end. With their catchy music and lyrics, this is only the beginning for Babygirl.

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