Bad!Habit – Sometimes Villains Are Cooler Than Heroes

I think I’ve only read 3 comic books in my entire life, all of which before I turned 8; I may not be a knowledgeable fan of comic books but I do know that a great superhero is nothing without a matching worthy super-villain. Aside from saving the world from crime and natural disasters, the rivalry between good and evil makes things interesting. Going back and forth in constant battles not only make way for awesome powers to shine, the bad blood between them also adds a lot of feelings to the storyline.
Music and comic books are two things that are widely and passionately consumed by people all over the world, and while merging them together isn’t exactly a new idea (I remember reading a KISS comic book once, and of course there’s Coheed and Cambria’s The Amory Wars), it’s not everyday that you find a band who gives you a chance to explore and experience their music in a different direction. A comic book concept album about villains is something new to me, and I could not be happier that I was introduced to the music of Team!Badguy
Follow an interesting story as you listen to awesome music, their album Bad!Habit introduces you to a group of villains, to a different side of the antagonists, getting inside their minds and hearts (yes villains have hearts too) in the form of songs. It’s like having someone narrate a comic book for you but instead of reading written words, they tell it to you in the form of music that is a mix of rock, funk, pop, and hip hop.

A standout is the track ‘Follow Through’ with its smooth female pop vocals mixed with some interesting sounds. This song could be on mainstream pop radio tomorrow.  My favorite track from this album is Captain Power, such an anthemic, high energy tune that I could not stop listening to on repeat as I drowned horribly at work this week, a few times it has even made me want to pick up my laptop and throw it against a wall… haha, oh how I love my corporate job *sarcastic smile* I really enjoyed listening to this album and I cannot wait to hear more from this band.  Go listen for yourself at:
*-reviewed by Jennifer Benitez

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