Barendo Takes Us On A Journey of “Contradictions and Disconnections”

Music is a living being. It can go in many different directions and be from many different origins. The massive amount of music available at this point in history is astounding. Even more astounding is finding something that is completely unique. We may have found an artist that fits that bill in the form of Barendo.


In our search for original music, we ventured to Amsterdam, in the Netherlands. Aside from the EDM scene, there are a plethora of amazing new sounds coming out of Europe. Barendo creates his music with classical piano in mind but takes us to a future where music is fluid and able to constantly change. He claims influences from such innovative artists as David Bowie, Talk Talk, and Depeche Mode.


On the 21st of September, 2018, Barendo will be releasing his debut album Contradictions and Disconnections. The 11 track record is a journey into the exotic. We are greeted with the opener “Wake Up” prodding us to throw caution to the wind and prepare for the strange trip. The variety of sounds that Barendo is able to produce combine well on “Catch The Train” as his vocals provide an almost haunting tone to the songs.



An even more adventurous turn is taken with “Can’t Go” as the pace is picked up and the listener is moved to let their mind dance. “Wrangel” continues this but in a much more deliberate pace as the melody hovers out in front of various sounds.


The longest track of the album “Switching Sounds” fills the full sonic soundscape for over 7 and a half minutes. Noises seem to come from every angle as you try to focus on the storytelling lyrics. The pace continues to pick up with “Terribly Good” and then the closer “Death In The Desert.” Here we are treated to some imaginative guitar provided by Leo Blokdijk and piano trills to add an element of classical music.


This is an album that should be experienced from start to finish. Your eased mind will thank you for it. Keep a lookout for more from Barendo on his BANDCAMP page.

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