BeckwithJP gets emotional with “Can’t Stop Loving You”

Almost every musical artist has created a hit that involves a love lost, and the world just seems to flock. Adele may just be the master of sad love songs, although many other popular artists have crooned a sad song for the ones that they can’t seem to forget about.

I’ll admit, I have gotten quite emotional over songs of the like, mostly because you can seriously feel the emotion that is portrayed through the lyrics. It’s even more emotionally tolling when the tempo of the song seems to match the sadness of the vocals. BeckwithJP has dropped his latest single “Can’t Stop Loving You” just the other day, and I can tell you that you just miiiiiiight need some tissues with you.

BeckwithJP Bemoans Love Lost

BeckwithJP wrote the song after his friend announced that they were going to be getting divorced. Less than an hour after his friend left him with the news, this powerful track was written and recorded. Certain aspects of R&B style can be found within this track, which would be attributed to his performing past in which he had a few top hits on iTunes with his soulful style.

The song comes neatly packaged with a very fitting, emotional music video in which a young woman is seen crying while packing her things. There’s an extreme amount of raw honesty in his voice, which is showcased throughout the entire song, The beginning is introduced with sweet-sounding ukulele, which ties in very well with the true emotion in the vocals that pour through your speakers almost as soon as the song starts.

As the music video builds up a feeling of sadness, so does the song. It’s very powerful, and maybe something that someone who has recently gone through a breakup may want to be careful of when they listen. There’s a rise and fall to the vocals that fits nicely with the subtle instrumentation, and as the song slowly fades away, you’re left with an empty doorway and a heavy heart.

You can listen to this emotional piece over on SoundCloud and check out the video on YouTube.

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