Beemo Looks Up With “Nova”

Americana band Beemo are sharing their new single Nova” from their debut album Bustin’ Out. Originating from Orlando, Florida, this indie/acoustic band continues to blend their love of rock, singer/songwriter, folk, and bluegrass music to invent their own newfangled sound. 

Bringing this blended band together is lead vocalist Dan Harshbarger, guitarist Sean Quinn, bassist Tony Mickle, percussionist Justin JB Braun, and mandolin player Matt Juliano. Selected for Dr. Phillips Center Amp’d concert series, playing at SXSW, and being voted “Best Folk Act” by the readers of Orlando Weekly magazine, Beemo is no stranger to their own success. 

Instantly, listeners are hit with a strong drum rhythm, which is then built on top of what could be either the mandolin or guitar, and then built on top of AGAIN with a strong bass part. Their simple melodies and hooks really get the job done, while still keeping things fresh with variety in their note sequence and rhythmic choices. 

They introduce a nice little guitar solo in the middle of the song to keep things moving. Something else I really admired was their use of a multitude of frequencies to keep things from being muddied up all in the same range. There’s a little bit of highs, lows, and some present mids that really clear up the sound, and make for an enjoyable listen. 

Beemo’s “Nova” is fun and easy to follow, and it’s filled with tons of neat tricks and ideas for a songwriting perspective that add a ton of color and texture to their sound!

Give a listen to “Nova” on Spotify now!

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