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Behind The Song With Tatiana Hazel

It’s exciting to see what drives an artist. Whether it be a need to empower others or tell a story, it’s always interesting to hear them explain what really motivates and influences their music. Chicago-based Tatiana Hazel is one of the later, writing to tell a story. Indie singer/songwriter Hazel told Indie Band Guru what really influenced her latest single “Losing My Mind” and it’s nothing short of amazing.

“Losing My Mind” in Tatiana’s Own Words

Tatiana: “Losing My Mind” is a punchy millennial love ballad. This song is a huge leap for me in terms of both sound and production. Producing my own music allows me to capture the full feeling and intention that I have for a song. “Losing My Mind” is very personal, as is most of the music I write. I love very passionately and it is often the source of my inspiration when it comes to writing. I wrote the song based on a personal experience, but it is meant to be told as a story.

The story is about a girl who goes crazy when she loses the love of her life and will do anything to regain herself and her relationship. She wants to grow out of her old selfish habits, as she fears they are the one that drove her loved one away. I wanted to portray this character as being a crazy ex-girlfriend who will do anything for this person.

I personally think it is important for young women to remain true to themselves and be independent in the early stages of their lives. Often times I think young women let themselves be distracted by heartbreak, when instead we should be letting it make us stronger and grow as people. The girl in “Losing My Mind” has some self-centering and growing up to do. In my upcoming music we will find that she regains herself and “Losing My Mind” is only the beginning of this narrative.

You can keep up with Tatiana Hazel here, as well as check out the rest of her music here.

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