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Open New “Chapters” With Sami Fong

“Chapters” is the debut song off of Sami Fong‘s new self-titled EP. Written during her freshman year of college, Sami recollects the challenges of long distance relationships. A beautifully soft acoustic version of her previously released “Chapters”, the lyrics are still comforting and hopeful.

“our closing chapters make us start new ones, into the light we shoot for the stars”

“I wrote the line to show the beginning of me processing that it’s normal to have a transition into something completely new.” – Sami Fong

The Video For “Chapters”

I think everyone can relate to the feelings Sami is speaking to. Growing up, we move away from friends, family, significant others, and the distance can feel impossible. But that feeling is able to be overcome. The lyrics presented in this song are real and raw. In the beginning they are very much haunting, the beginning process of grief in losing someone and missing them. Right after the song transforms into a strong, positive message about being strong enough to walk on your own. We will always remember out memories with people, and we can be strong enough to move on to new things in our lives.

Behind The Song…

“Chapters of life consist of growing, learning, and exploring new things. When I wrote the chorus line “without you right next to me, I’ll be alright. I feel your love a thousand miles away,” I was trying to think of something that would turn this into a positive scenario and show that
we are strong as individuals. It is easy to feel sad about being separated and missing someone.

“In the bridge of the song, I wanted to take the listeners on a slightly different path lyrically and musically. I wanted to reveal the struggles of the relationships and distance before I was able to be more confident that I was going to be okay without them.” After first releasing this song as a single, Sami decided to do an acoustic version as well after hearing from others how the lyrics helped them get through their personal experiences. “As a songwriter, my goal has always been to share stories that connect with people. Although, I wrote this song a few years ago, the song still resonates with me because I am realizing that life has many different chapters and may take me in paths that I may not have ever known.”

I think any listener could appreciate the message Sami is trying to convey with this song. Missing people from our past as we grow up is a pretty universal experience. This song is a great taste of what is to come and I am excited to hear more from Sami Wong.

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Behind The Success of The Unlikely Candidates

We have said it time and time again that the most important piece of reaching a successful music career is consistently putting in work towards a big picture plan. Current alt-rock darlings The Unlikely Candidates have been at it since 2008. Their dedication and work ethic has been second to none. Kyle Morris, lead singer of the band, shares his story of putting in years of consistent hard work to reach the success they are experiencing today.

-Guest post from Kyle Morris of The Unlikely Candidates

A lot of people ask about what our band name means and I usually answer it in one of two ways. I either tell them the truth, which is I picked it from a list of three hundred names and the second best choice sounded like a bad metal band name (Dark Horse), or I give them the answer that they want to hear. That the name was representative of our underdog spirit and that even we didn’t think that we could start from the bottom and end up where we are today. There is some truth to that, but really I never considered us underdogs and I always thought that we would make it. I think for a long time I was the only one who believed that. 

Cole and I met in middle school and were more acquaintances than friends. We both loved music and going to local shows, but neither of us were in bands growing up or really had much musical experience at all. Cole could play a few chords and I had a feeling I could sing, but (besides singing in the shower) I really had no idea if I was any good and was too nervous to try to do so in front of anyone. One night towards the end of Junior year we both were at a party and Cole started playing some covers. I was drunk on three Keystone Lights and was the only one who knew the lyrics to the Green Day song he was playing, so I started singing. The looks on everyone’s faces changed and I felt the gratification of knowing that they were enjoying what I was doing. Something clicked in my brain and I thought to myself, I’m going to do this for the rest of my life. It would have been so easy to let that night fade into memory and take it for what it was, a small moment of validation. That wasn’t what it became for me. Maybe it was delusion but it felt closer to destiny. 

The next day I called up Cole and asked if he wanted to come over to my house to jam. There wasn’t much to do in our small suburban town in Texas, so he figured why not and we ended up playing music for 5 hours that day. We never stopped. Our songs by most measures were terrible. Neither of us had ever written a song so they were a mess of tempos and transitions. There was something there though and I believed in it more than I had believed in anything. Our parents were concerned since we were now in our senior year and while everyone else was getting ready for college, we were writing for hours and hours every day. Our friends were amused but also confused why we would waste our senior year toiling away. We were discovering music and songwriting for the first time. We were hooked. It didn’t matter that we had no idea what we were doing. 

After five months we wrote enough songs to play our first show, recorded a terrible demo from some money we made from doing dishes at a BBQ restaurant and stocking shelves at Target, and when college came around we both went to schools in the same area. We just kept writing. We spent countless hours playing catch up to get on the same level as other bands in our local scene who had been playing seven times longer than us. 

One day some guy caught us at a show and that led to him connecting us with another guy, who connected us with another guy, and that guy became our manager. We quit college and went home to work on music in earnest. We played scores of shows to no one, were regulars at four different open mics, and studied songs that we admired to get better at our craft. It took years, but we kept going because we knew we had something and wouldn’t give up until we saw how far it could go. 

Latest Video ‘High Low’ From The Unlikely Candidates

After three more long years we ended up getting a deal, we started touring the country and now 12 years after starting the band we got our first number one hit at alternative radio. We had hit almost every snag in the business during our career, but we still believed that at some point it would all connect and it did. I truly think if someone is willing to learn and work harder than anyone else, they can find their place in the music business. We started playing music at eighteen and had no reason to believe we could turn this into a career, but we worked tirelessly.

The Unlikely Candidates may have just been a random name on a list of hundreds but I like to think we made it mean something. We will most likely always be fighting for our spot and stumbling through the pratfalls of this very slippery business, but until we can’t anymore we’ll keep carrying the name and see how far it can go. 

Keep up with the continued success of The Unlikely Candidates here:


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Basic Features For Making Your Songs a Chart Success

Music is just not an art, to many people it is a way of life. Being a music admirer, have you ever wondered what makes a song worth remembering, or why among so many only a few tunes strike and hold a place in our mind? The main reason behind this happening lies in the formation and different theoretical elements of the tune.

A song that hits or continues to stay on international charts definitely has bold qualities or a great tonal texture. Mostly songs that take place in those charts are record-breakers. Countries like the UK, USA, Australia, Germany, have hits that have a wide range of audience. Each genre of their music comprises a mixture of musical elements that encourage people to connect. Languages haven’t been an obstacle in this particular industry because of a song’s technical elements.

If a piece of the song has melody, rhythm, and perfect tune, it will attract a mass audience regardless of its language. But most of the music lovers are unknown to the key aspects that set a song apart from rest. Thus, to provide you a clear insight into what is actually required to make an impactful song, we will discuss the theoretical and technical entities of song making.

The construction of the perfect piece: 

These are the five elements that go into each piece of music, however, very few pieces of the composition of music get struck to our heart. They are rightly timed, rightly constructed, the key, pitch and rhythmic composition all go concurrently to make a blockbuster pound of music. Let’s look at the top songs of a few countries that have mastered all these elements and advanced in the chart. 

Above there are three charts from three countries, they are from the United Kingdom, the United States of America and Australia sourced from Betway Insider. Each of the songs present in the chart that you will find above has one thing in common, they are the best song that touched the hearts of many with the accurate skills and the tendency of formation that resulted in a masterpiece.  All these songs have a calculated form of structural integrity which makes the people dance to their beat. Songs are what keeps us alive in this hopeless time.

Elements that help in making ‘The Pound Of Music’:

The songs that are exhibited in the above charts are the most popular songs of this decade. These international numbers have continued to entertain people around the globe. But, the question is, why are they so popular and stand out from the rest?

Well, there are a few technical and theoretical elements that go into a song composition. These elements allow a song to connect with human emotions, therefore, it easily makes a spot in our minds. For better understanding, here are the five most effective steps of song composition.

  • Melody: 

One of the key factors of song composition. The melody is contemplated as the most rendering part of a song.  Melody is what finishes a song and provides the body with the rest. A procession of notes or pitches is the small stuff that creates a body known as a tune. 

After setting the pitcher, different tones will develop unique sounds depending on the extent of the pane of time implicated to it or the structurality of it which is manifested by the key of the song and other aspects. It is primarily an amalgamation of tone and time, sprawled or pitched concurrently to make the song more meticulous and melodious. If it is done properly, it will muster a sense of closeness in the listener. 

The tone of the composition has its own integrity which is expected to the phrasing of the sentence, the interval of the time, and the contouring of the melody. To make the tune turn into a melodious rhythmical innovation, the composer has to operate all of these characteristic entities into one perfect piece so that it becomes enjoyable. 

The melody divides in two ways. Known as up and down. The melody requires a supplement that will bring out the central melody. Several singers, bands utilize these skills to promote the aesthetic of the piece of art. 

  • Meter: 

The meter is extensively required in the realm of music. The meter is the element that forms a structured, aligned, and orchestrated formation. It is the cement that connects the whole piece together. It transpires as a form of beat and vibrations in the music. Mainly Hip hop, EDM, alternative rock are vibrant in these beats and pulses. 

The ordinary form of the best can be seen as it conserves a simplified technique of recited occurrence. The meter goes forcefully and mildly leaning on the pivotal pattern, time, and the fluctuation of the elements. 

  • Harmony: 

Many people have heard about it but a few only understand. Well, to create perfect harmony, the pitch, the main structural body of the composition has to be right. They are commonly vertically blended to formulate the result of a musical tune. If they aren’t beautifully packed together, then a mislaid tune will be cultivated and sound trash. The aligned pitches are also recognized as chords. 

These are the shape of an accessory that benefits the melody in a harmonious direction. The motes are the construction of each chord or triad shaped together. These tiny aspects create the tune, which when cataloged together along with another structural entity will develop a body of the piece.

  • Rhythm: 

The dressing of a song after giving it the structure and formation is remembered as rhythm. It is a step in creation where music comes to life. The procedure of the application is rhythm. The rhythms have to be of rare lengths and that is why rhythms are critical. The beats are significant and that is what makes a song hit.


Music has always been a unique piece of art. But in making ‘The Pound Of Music’, the composer has to be sensible enough to put the right proportions of each element. Only, then a composition from any genre can make it to the top 10 of these International charts. But, in the end, a song that touches thy soul shall matter.

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Behind The Song Featured Music You Should Know News Recommended by Indie Band Guru Review

You’ll be Alex McArtor’s ‘Biggest Fan’

One of the surprises about ‘Biggest Fan‘ and Alex McArtor is that she is just seventeen. However, her songs are clearly the product of an old soul. There is no better example of this than ‘Biggest Fan’. She has an extremely unique voice with a beautifully tight vibrato. Her distinct tone can remind the listener of a combination between Amy Winehouse and Lana Del Rey.

‘Biggest Fan’ is a smooth song that appears to be a mix of pop and alternative styles. This song is so polished that it is very nearly hypnotic. McArtor is an exciting new voice in the music scene, and this new song shows why.

The Carpenters’ ‘Superstar’ serves as the main inspiration for ‘Biggest Fan’, as McArtor has stated. Indeed, it is no feat to hear a similar sense of hope and love. However, what tempers that hope and love is melancholy in McArtor’s soulful single. Both songs take on similar themes. As a fan of The Carpenters’, it is incredibly exciting to find their influences in modern music.

‘Biggest Fan’ is a song that perfectly captures the sense of euphoria of truly being a ‘fan’ of something. McArtor has written a song about finding genuine hope in what you can look at and admire. It can be a true joy just to admire something and to have an excellent time while doing so.

There is something very pure about finding happiness in a fandom. However, there is also a sobering sense of loss and disappointment when the magic of that is broken. I still vividly remember the realization that Julie Andrews would never, in fact, parachute down from an umbrella and teach me life lessons in a kind but firm fashion.

This is a song all about realizing that sometimes being a fan means keeping the magic in place and not getting to close. Maybe we just like the character in the film and not the actor playing it. McArtor’s ‘Biggest Fan’ is a glossy new song that is currently available.

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Pot Sea’s ‘Burn the Light’ Shines Through

Pot Sea’s ‘Burn the Light’ does not pretend that our nation is not embroiled within a deep crisis. It does not pretend that The United States does not thrive off the backs of disenfranchised people.

‘Burn the Light’ lives and breathes as its own entity. This song finds its message in the reality that there are deep cracks within the social system of this country. And we are all watching it shatter and break right before our eyes. 

Pot Sea’s voice is a fully honest one. He recognizes the problems that the average person will face. His voice serves as the voice of many. His style is a blend of pop-rock and rap, making ‘Burn the Light’ an excellent combination of these genres. Pot Sea captures the raw frustration and pain of feeling powerless while the world turns around us.

‘Burn the Light’ is an anthem for all of us as we struggle to find our way through this crisis. Listening to ‘Burn the Light’ is a genuinely cathartic experience, especially for those who have found their lives uprooted by COVID-19.

We are facing a devastating reality, and ‘Burn the Light’ allows the listener to vent their frustration. It makes us feel less alone. This is especially needed in a time where loneliness is abundant and many of us feel as though we are trapped in a vacuum. 

Pot Sea captures this feeling in his song as well as the accompanying music video. Indeed, the music video alone is a stunning piece of art. The visuals appear to find their inspiration in psychedelic images and, in some sense, German expressionism; partially F.W. Murnau.

‘Burn the Light’ is a song that seeks to expose the illusion of the American dream. The song cannot solve the problems of being a disadvantaged person in the United States, but it offers a safe space where you feel you are being heard. ‘Burn the Light’ makes you feel as though you are not alone. ‘Burn the Light’ by Pot Sea is currently available.

Keep up with Pot Sea on Twitter @Potsea_

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Jagwar Twin’s ‘Shine’ Shines Through

In this incredibly bizarre time, it is hard to open up Spotify and listen to your favorite songs with themes of doom and groom. I have been on the hunt for songs that make me happy. This shift in my life has found me leaning more toward songs that have a sense of being uplifting, whether that be from the tune or in lyrics. Finding songs that are genuinely fun has become a bizarrely difficult task. When I found Jagwar Twin’s “Shine,” I was beyond excited.

It is a refreshing change to discover a song like this in a music scene that is primarily dominated by lyrics that discuss pain. Roy English, who sings under the name Jagwar Twin, seems to have written “Shine” with the intention of making a song that is all about the attainable dreams and goals that can be reached in a time of crisis. He does not sing about the struggle that comes along with trying to chasing those same dreams and find our peace. “Shine” is all about finding peace and happiness in one’s life.

“Shine” is an exercise in finding good things in a time that is overwhelmed by fear and doubt. However, it is also a song about what it means to find a community. It is about finding a community without going outside to search for one. In the time of quarantine and social distancing, “Shine” is a necessary reminder that we are never truly alone. Jagwar Twin’s latest hit assures us that you can find community while stuck at home.

Jagwar Twin exists to find energy and spirit in our shared humanity.

The reality of losing our traditional communities has meant a lack of stability. Yet, we can still find a new version of stability. There are still ways to ground oneself. “Shine” helps to reminds us of that. Jagwar Twin is currently requesting fans to record themselves at home with whatever helps them to shine in their isolation. “Shine,” by Jagwar Twin, is currently available to stream to purchase.

Want a chance to be in the music video for “Shine?” Find info here!

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Rob Alexander Shows Homage With “Friend Of Mine (Elton’s Epic)”

No musician can claim they were not influenced by the music of the past. We all build our own sound from what we grew up experiencing and what connected with us. Our friend Rob Alexander keeps this close to his heart. In the past, he has honored George Michael with his single “When I’m Gone” which we covered HERE. Now Rob is back again with another tribute, this time to another amazing vocalist, Elton John.

For the first segment of his life, Rob Alexander put in the hard work needed to become a respected physician and anesthesiologist. For the past few years music has been his calling and he is putting just as much hard work into this chapter. 

Currently, Rob is showing his heart and soul with his newest full length album Being Myself. The 15 track record pours on the vocal energy he is known for. The influences of the classic vocalists of pop music can be heard from song to song. The instrument sound is not just influenced but actually here. For this record, Rob Alexander brought in Matt Bissonette on bass, Kim Bullard on keyboards, and John Mahon on drums. They just happen to be 3 of Elton John’s current band members. 

An Honor To Elton With “Friend Of Mine”

The latest single release “Friend Of Mine (Elton’s Epic)” is obviously near and dear to thier hearts. Rob says “This is a song I wrote about Elton John’s first trip to America in 1970 when he played the Troubadour club in LA, and subsequently launched a long and successful career.” The homage is felt right from the first lyrics of the song. A warm start builds energy to paint the picture of a rising star spreading his wings. Some fun sounds and background vocals add to the layers of this radio-ready adult contemporary song. 

The journey continues for Rob Alexander. Hear the full Being Myself album HERE. And give him a follow on FACEBOOK for more news.

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ELEO Accepts Romantic Defeat in His Music Video for ‘Use Me’

ELEO is a young, aspiring R&B singer who has an interesting history bouncing back from the U.S. to China throughout his life. ELEO reached initial recognition when he won first place in the North American segment of a Chinese singing competition, Starboy. His time on the show proved that music was ELEO’s passion and with parents as Opera singers, it is obvious that ELEO has an appropriate genetic capability for his voice.

‘Use Me’ is a single from his recent ’24 O’Clock’ project recently released. A music video that depicts ELEO in love with an older woman who eventually backstabs him is the background visual for the song. The single is a fairly forgettable but significant point in ELEO’s reach for musical recognition. His voice takes the center of attention, with a few guitar strings and drum snares to gently play in the background.

The music video shifts back and forth between two settings. ELEO is seen singing on the staircase in his blue-grained home. The other setting is filmed in a black-and-white filter where shots of his lover idling in a swimming pool or both of them in a shower emit somewhat untrustworthy or mischevious aesthetic.

While the lyrics vocalize a story of insatiable lust, the music video portrays a story of lust and mistrust, which may enhance the overall meaning behind ELEO’s feelings towards this track. ELEO soft voice range fits perfectly in short narrative about musisue and nihilistic acceptance. The single isn’t bad by any means. At this time of the publication of this post, the single (uploaded on YouTube by Popular Music) had amassed nearly 800,000 views. ELEO has a good amount of talent to enhance his music career.

Starting off a music career with this amount of notoriety is surely impressive and whatever formula ELEO decides to implement into his future is up to him and his creative aspirations. Surely, someone will continue to listen to him.