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Open New “Chapters” With Sami Fong

“Chapters” is the debut song off of Sami Fong‘s new self-titled EP. Written during her freshman year of college, Sami recollects the challenges of long distance relationships. A beautifully soft acoustic version of her previously released “Chapters”, the lyrics are still comforting and hopeful. “our closing chapters make us start new ones, into the light […]

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Josh Pfeiffer Lets Us Into His “Life”

As artists, we all have more responsibilities than we often realize. Fans of our music will often look up to us for more than just our song output. With the social media society we are now in, the fans expect to see more of our lives than just our musical output. Being a good person […]


Gypsy & The Cat Explore Familiar Themes with “Life”

Few themes have been explored more in depth by artists than those of belonging and identity. That doesn’t mean those themes are getting old, though. On the contrary, each new generation of artists have found a way to explore the topic in a new and interesting way. Among the most recent artists to do so would […]