Better Daze Records – Roger Cole and Paul Barrere Put Together A Complete Album Of Their Diverse Sounds

When we find an artist or independent record label that is willing to stay their own course and not succumb to the pressures of mainstream success we like to keep an eye on them and support them in any way we can.  Our friends at Better Daze Records have stayed true to their motto “music for music’s sake”.

Better Daze

The team of Roger Cole and Paul Barrere formed the label with the simple aspirations.  The only requirements were imagination, creativity, and quality.  They put the hard work in and the songs just started to flow out of the duo.  Over the last year they released a string of singles to give the world a taste of what they were laying down.  There are no genre restrictions and the songs have seemed to grab fans from all corners of the musical spectrum.

Now Roger Cole and Paul Barrere have just released the full length album Musical Schizophrenia to tie it all together in one tight package.  The 10 track record lets you into their world no matter where in the music world you come from.  The opener “The Quiet Man” sets the tone with a pretty guitar melody paired with their signature storytelling lyrical style that draws you in to what they have to say.  We have written about the Pink Floyd-esque “Breathe” and folk-y “Who’s Right” before but it was great to hear them again within a complete record.  There is a great classic rock sound to one of our new faves “Bad Blood” that brings up memories of some of the great rock duos of the 80’s.  The musical schizophrenia of Musical Schizophrenia closes with the exotic sounds all mixed together in one neat package on “Your Virtual Life”.  Bottom line there is something here for everyone to enjoy and expand their enjoyment of expert songwriting.  Please enter their world at:

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