Bisantz and Morrell Are Finally Back With ‘

When a musical connection happens it can be a magical thing. Some collaborations just become amazing connections of musical talents that complement each other so well that music can flow for decades. This has been the case with the longtime musical partnership and friendship of June Bisantz and Gordon Morrell. They have returned together again for a new album It’s Been A Long, Long Time.

After originally meeting in 1971, the pair immediately connected through the smooth, easy combination of their singing voices. Together vocalist/visual artist June Bisantz and guitarist/vocalist Gordon Morrell have cemented their space in the Jazz/Americana sound with a unique blend of Bistro, New Orleans jazz, folk, and traditional country sprinkled in. Over the decades, they made music from Maine to California and back again, in clubs, concerts and studios – sometimes with years between reunions. But however long the separation, their voices always recombine as easily and naturally as breathing, and laughing. 

To honor the fact that they have been collaborating for over 50 years, Bisantz and Morrell dove back into some of their original inspirations to put together the upbeat  It’s Been A Long, Long Time. Now on opposite sides of the country, the seven track record was put together remotely with the help of guitarist/arranger/producer David West and his collection of internationally renowned musicians.

‘It’s Been A Long Long Time’ For Bisantz and Morrell

Opening up with the title track “It’s Been A Long, Long Time” Bisantz and Morrell remind us of how perfectly their voices pair. Classic instrument sounds lay the backdrop of a beautiful day of relaxing while music washes over us. The harmonies of the chorus are as elegant as ever.

Gordon Morrell starts us off on “I’m Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself A Letter” with his warm vocals reminiscent of an earlier time. June Bisantz comes in to take the song to a higher level as they gently spar vocally going back and forth effortlessly. Some classic country creeps in on “Any Old Time” as the speakers are filled with sounds blending into a happy go lucky tune. 

The Jazz returns with a vengeance on “How High The Moon” with light cymbal taps and a walking bassline that puts a pep in your step. The vocal rises are truly impressive as they bring me to a smoky Jazz club sitting back with a nice cigar. Nothing better. 

The album closes fittingly with the classic “Happy Trails To You.” A beautiful piano leads the way as more sounds from the genre slip in to add to the feel. The voices again meld miraculously. And let’s hope it is not too long ‘till we meet again…’

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