BLONDER is back with “Just Because”

BLONDER is back at it with another indie rock track perfect for your summer. “Just Because” comes of the band’s EP, “$5”.

With just one listen, you become entranced in the guitar groove and punk-esque vocals. Though the riffs are repetitive, it feeds into the catchiness of the entire track. Mixed with electronic flourishes, the familiar elements of the song are turned on their head.

“Just Because” betrays the fact that BLONDER has been informed by the larger-than-life New York indie rock sound that once promoted groups like The Strokes.

Just Because by Blonder

“The song was written at the end of a relationship I was in, and it’s kind of about that inertia that keeps things going even as they’re slowly falling apart,” says Anastasakis. “Sort of a companion piece to our song ‘In and Out.'”

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The NYC based group is pumping out tunes with electric guitar riffs, catchy tunes, cool, fuzzy vocals with catchy and rhythmic lyrics. The upbeat tune is the companion if the previous BLONDER track “In and Out,” as it’s about heart break.

Gearing up for the “$5” EP, “Just Because” is the perfect single for fans to get excited over BLONDER.

Over the past year BLONDER has been consistently outputting new music. The project belongs to Constantine Anastasakis who has become a factory pushing out amazing single after amazing single. Also focusing on songcraft and production, they are getting bigger and better at crafting their unique indie rock sound. Anastasakis works tirelessly to perfect his final products which leads to nothing but amazing tracks.

Owning their indie sound in the rock sphere, it is becoming increasingly needed and difficult to separate from what is already out there. BLONDER is doing just that. Curating sound from a variety of influences including 80s New Wave, BLONDER blends together the tambour of post-punk-esque vocals with wet guitar sounds.

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