Blue Moon Harem – Keeping 90s Alt-Rock Alive

The alternative rock sound of the mid 90’s was a defining time in music.  More and more bands got into the game and what was once ‘alternative’ became the soundtrack to mainstream radio.  Although modern radio has turned into an ugly computerized sounding mess there are still musicians out there turning out music that stays deep in that original alt-rock sound.  A great example is our recent find Blue Moon Harem.

The Boston, Massachusetts based band was created by Jon Bix and Demetri Joannou.  They were both members of the popular mid-90s Boston band, Requiem.  After much local fame, the music scene changed and the band was disbanded.  The passion for music remained though and Jon and Demetri kept working and discovered new ways to make music with looping and instrumental technologies with the help of producer Jim Seigel from The Outpost.  The new project became Blue Moon Harem.  They picked up drummer Steve Hart, who previously worked with Aerosmith axeman Joe Perry, and bassist Jose Pep Hernandez to complete the new lineup and got to work.  Extensive touring and recording led to 2 studio albums that seemed to resonate with a fanbase yearning for that classic sound.

Blue Moon Harem Picks Up Where They Left Off

Now Blue Moon Harem is back with the song “Lie” as the lead single off their upcoming 3rd album Deep Into Blue.  The release date is still undetermined but we had a chance to preview the track for Indie Band Guru.  Right off the bat the dark tone is felt with some interesting muted guitar picking.  When Jonathan Bix’s vocals come in a new level is reached in emotion and passion.  The atmospheric sounds in the background paint a full picture.  The 90’s rockers Candlebox come to mind as a reference.  The buildup leads to an impressive guitar solo over a thumping bass line.  “Lie” has all the pieces to be a staple on your summer playlist.

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