Bobby Bofman – Perfected The Art Of Storrytelling Through Song

Musical inspiration can come in many different forms.  You never know what people you meet and places you see will be the muse for your creativity.  One of the keys is to always keep your mind open and available to the world around you.  A met a man with a very interesting story of what influenced him to his musical journey.

Singer/Songwriter Bobby Bofman was born and raised just outside of Chicago, Illinois. As a young boy, he would sit and listen to the stories of the old homeless man that lived in the alley behind his grandfather’s dry cleaning business. Bobby believes this experience is what ignited his own desire to tell stories.  He started with writing poetry and then discovered guitar and the two combined to create Bobby’s distinctive music style.  He borrows from rock, country, blues, and folk to create a sound that is all his own.

After relocating to the heat of Phoenix, Arizona, Bobby Bofman felt more inspiration and has recently released the album American Poet.  The 8 track mix of pop, rock, country and blues really shows the depth of Bobby’s storytelling through song.  These are not songs as much as inspirational short stories that do motivating themselves.  The track ‘Don’t Give Up’ is a perfect example of this.  It feels as if Bobby is willing to share his life experiences to relate to the listener and offer hope for the future.  ‘Bad Memory’ is a poppy little guitar diddy driven forward with a speedy yet soft drum beat.  Again the storytelling stands out as you find yourself paying much attention to the lyrics and where Bobby is going with the story.  There is some nice guitar solo work here as well.

The philosophy Bobby Bofman shares is that every day gives us a new opportunity to make a fresh start in life. Be willing to forgive and let go. Learn how to live and enjoy each and every moment of your life because it ends much too soon. Most of all, always remember that no matter how many times you fall down or fail…life is always better than it seems.

This is definitely worth a good listen.  Go check out Bobby Bofman’s music at:

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